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April 2004 | Vol. III - No. 4


Toys To Bark For

Fashionable Fetchables

If Andy Warhol would have designed a line of dog toys, they might just resemble the latest line of canine delights from Happy Dog Owner. The Pup Culture™ ($7.99 each) collection includes salivating varieties such as Canine’s ToMutto Soup, a loaf of Pure Bread, a bottle of Jack Russel, or a Canine Caffiend coffee mug. Dogs with more cosmic sensibilities may want to collect The Soniks™ ($4.99 to 9.99 each), a family of plush dog toys from outer space. Each character is equipped with Silent Squeak ™ technology, which emits a sound that is heard by dogs but not humans. Now what dog in their right mind wouldn’t go the extra mile to obtain one of those? There is also Ball Park™ ($4.99), an accessory that some dogs may sit, roll over, and play dead to see their owners wearing on their belt or bag. The portable clip-on tennis ball holder comes in four styles including Chip the Poodle, Max the Mutt, Daisy the Lab and Happy Dog, the company’s magnificent mascot.

Tennis Ball Sling Shot

As fun as playing fetch with your favorite canine can be, there is a down side: Slobbery Tennis Balls are not so fun to pick up. For some, there is another down side: repeatedly throwing a tennis ball can be rough on one’s shoulder. Hyperproduct has brought an end to such concerns with Hyperdog, a new high performance launching toy. HyperDog shoots tennis balls up to a whopping 220 feet, enabling dogs to get their much deserved exercise. The device is easy to use and enables the user to pick up tennis balls without ever touching the ball. Hyperdog is made of durable steel which is coated to prevent the metal from rusting or chipping. The bands are made of strong surgical grade tubing.

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