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Articles by Angelo Spyropoulos

A Few Words About Bratz (9/1/2004)
Enormous sales have indicated that kids can’t get enough Bratz merchandise. Now, MGA Entertainment has teamed up with publisher, Grosset & Dunlap, to make some great reading material that is sure to get tweens coming back for more.

Man In The Sky: An Interview With Tony Hawk (8/1/2004)
Crash landings, sprains and scraped up shins– some of the side-effects of gravity - all for an activity that was at one time not yet “accepted” nor considered by most to be a sport. Yet a daring group of visionaries dedicated such great amounts of time, passion, and expertise to skateboarding that, eventually, people had no choice but to notice. The tricks got better, so did the boards, and one phrase kept coming up at the contests, “And the winner is Tony Hawk.”

What In The World? (8/1/2004)
Open this book, take apart a continent, then piece it back together.

Celebrities and Children’s Books (8/1/2004)
He may be most noted for his memorable role as “The Fonz,” from the classic “Happy Days” series, but children are now beginning to know Henry Winkler as the guy who co-authored the “cool” book entitled, “Day Of The Iguana” ($4.99)

Toys Inspired By the U.S. Troops (8/1/2004)
Dusty Trails Toys has come out with a set of action figures which remarkably commemorate the heroic efforts of America’s troops abroad.

Funky Vinyl (8/1/2004)
Among the hippest of stylish new collectibles is the Snoop Dogg Vinyl Figure: Series 1 (ages 3+) by Sota Toys.

Funky Vinyl (8/1/2004)
Among the hippest of stylish new collectibles is the Snoop Dogg Vinyl Figure: Series 1 (ages 3+) by Sota Toys.

Snoop Dogg Collectible (8/1/2004)
Among the hippest of stylish new collectibles is the Snoop Dogg Vinyl Figure: Series 1 (ages 3+) by Sota Toys.

A Game For All Equations (8/1/2004)
Bedmas (Ages 7 to adult) by Alagan is a unique new game that brings arithmatic skills and fast-paced competition to the same arena.

Fun That Adds Up (8/1/2004)
There is a good reason that Dr. Toy has ranked Numbers Count ($14.99) by purple pebble games as one of the 100 Best Children’s Products. In fact, this game was very well near the top of the list.

Ugly Never Looked So Good (7/1/2004)
What began as a series of wacky sketches from a guy to his girlfriend has resulted in a brilliant contribution to the collectibles market

Prepare for Combat (7/1/2004)
What’s better than a remote control tank? How about one tank for you and another for your opponent?

Spinning Into The Future (7/1/2004)
Resembling something that’s a cross between a UFO and a classic spinning top, the I-Top ($10.00) by itoys, inc. is a dramatic reinvention of a toy that most have grown up with.

Wheeling and Dealing (7/1/2004)
Among the hottest in new collectible toys, Hubz Thumb-Racerz (2 pack $2.99; 4-pack $5.99 to $6.99) by Uni Toys are in tune with the latest trends on the street

Dark Horse Comics: The Independent Giant (7/1/2004)
The people from Dark Horse Comics have created some of the most noteworthy comic book characters of all time

What A Geek! (7/1/2004)
There is a new super hero action figure hitting the toy markets. He doesn’t have a cape, doesn’t carry a gun or a light saber, isn’t the subject of some popular show or cartoon, and he doesn’t transform into something

ASTRA Provides Strategies for the Specialty Toy Industry (6/1/2004)
Among the show’s highlights was the opening panel which addressed the state of the industry and provided several strategies for smooth sailing despite an ocean full of mass market toy retailers.

Survival of the Fittest Licenses (6/1/2004)
If one were to interview some of our favorite animated celebrities

TV Toys (6/1/2004)
Couch potatoes of all ages may be glad to learn their televisions are good for more

Toys That Go the Distance (5/1/2004)
Whether on a long flight, road trip, or even a quick jaunt to a friend’s house, children need the right toys to prevent restlessness and boredom

Video Game Fame (5/1/2004)
The video game industry has mastered the art of bringing America’s favorite characters to the gaming screen

Lights, Cameras, Action Figures (5/1/2004)
What makes a particular line of action figures successful?

TOYSRUS.COM WAGES LAWSUIT AGAINST AMAZON.COM (5/1/2004), a component of Toys “R” Us, has filed a lawsuit against, alleging that Amazon violated its contract with

Don’t Throw This Football (4/1/2004)
The All American Sport has inspired a unique new puzzle game

Clever Card Game Inspires Children to Read the Newspaper (4/1/2004)
It’s News to me Newsflash! Cards ($10.95) inspire children ages 12 to 18 to open a newspaper

Freakboarders: Snowboarding Action Figures (4/1/2004)
They’re wild and stylish and perhaps the most maneuverable action figures ever to hit the market

Cars That Get Thirsty (4/1/2004)
Add a little milk to this car, push a button and watch it go

This Robot Knows Karate (4/1/2004)
Robosapien by Wow Wee Toys Ltd. is not only the smartest robot

Etch A Sketch Reinvented (4/1/2004)
Remember those pencil-like images on that classic gray screen

WITHRA Show Highlights at Pomona (4/1/2004)
This year’s Western States Toy & Hobby Representatives Association (WTHRA) Show was a strong indication that manufacturers of toys have been hard at work, creating fun and innovative new products

Toys To Bark For (4/1/2004)
If Andy Warhol would have designed a line of dog toys

Hot Board Games for 2004 (3/1/2004)
Board games are back in vogue. Following are some of the new board games that will surely have people talking and playing

Bats, Masks, and Spooky Crafts (3/1/2004)
There’s more to Halloween than dressing up and acquiring candy

NPD Predicts Hot Toys for 2004 (2/1/2004)
While there can be no absolute guarantees as to which toys will be the highest selling of the coming year

Boutique Toy Aisle Premieres at Toy Fair (2/1/2004)
It’s time to dispel the myth that popular action figures must come accompanied by light sabers, heroic costumes, or glittery accessories...

The Talk of the Trade Show
If you work in the toy industry, odds are you realize the value of trade shows...

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