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From Ants to Yetis, Critters Are Here to Play

“Once they get in one, [they] never want to get out.” Romney Williams, AK Designs
Quis cusotdiet ipsos toy makers?” TDmonthly Magazine does. Spanning the nation, the world and beyond, looking for the latest and greatest, from the very small to the very, very weird, TDmonthly leaves no toy shelf unturned, no inventor un-interviewed, no toy maker unasked. Will these products be your next “big thang”? Read here and be the first to find out.

Posh Bug-Catcher
Science toys are all about curiosity: The more easily they answer a child’s question, the more they are used. Carson Optical, a well-known binocular and telescope company, has a bug magnifier with a difference: it’s one-handed. Even the most squeamish child can capture a bug and study it. No muss, no fuss, all curiosity.

Rich Cameron, president and CEO of Carson Optical, told TDmonthly, “It is selling very well for us in the ‘specialty’ toy trade. It does not sell in places like Target, Wal-Mart or Toys R Us. Carson's toys are high quality, and fit much better in specialty channels than in mass channels.”

Primate Perches
In the plain weird and wonderful category, you can’t beat AK DesignsAK Creature furry chairs. According to AK Designs’ Romney Williams, “we’re getting great response from older folks as well as kids, who once they get in one, never want to get out.” Made of faux fur and faux leather, no Yetis, Mammoths or Primates were harmed in the making of these things.

Kitty Burgers
And don’t leave out the pets (and pet owners) when thinking of the latest and greatest toys. Smarthomes Remote Controlled Mouse is hours of fun. It’s the latest in technology (radio controlled with rechargeable batteries) coupled with the oldest of pastimes: making cats look silly. Why the remote control is hamburger shaped is anyone’s guess, but it works well and will not be confused with any other remote controller. Michelle Laird of the distributor Smarthomes reported, “We sell over 50 units a month.”

Potty Charms
And the sneakiest of sneak peeks: This just in from Japan — the toilet-shaped cell phone charm. Yup, for the person who has everything and wants to take it with them. TDmonthly Magazine is trying to track down the manufacturer, so keep your eyes here to find out.

MSRP: $10.00
Age Range: 5 to 12
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Science & Nature

BugView is a "one-hand" bug catching tool with a thumb-operated trapping slider that makes it easy to catch even the speediest specimens! The 5× crystal-clear acrylic magnifier allows surrounding light in and lets you see the smallest details with ease. Kids will have hours of fun with this educational tool.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 9132      (added 8/25/2006)

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