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April 2006 | Vol. V - No. 4


WTHRA Show 2006 Video Roundup

Smaller Manufacturers Get To Be Bigger Fish

TDmonthly Magazine sent its Video Crew to the Western States Toy and Hobby Retailers Association show, held annually in Pomona, Calif. We asked exhibitors to show us their best toy ... and how it works. So if you didn't make the show — or if you didn't have a chance to talk to everyone — now you can see what exhibitors predicted will be their biggest hits for 2006.

Manufacturers: Find out how a TDmonthly Video attracts buyers.

Videography by Alison Marek. Edited by Mark Zaslove and Alison Marek. Sound by Alex Sormaz.

PLEASE NOTE: Each video takes from 2 to 10 minutes to load the first time. (And you can see vendor demos from the New York International Toy Fair by clicking here.)

Amos Marketing — Radio Control: Blast your Lotus ... (3/15/2006) Watch Video
BC Industries — Models: Tiny authenticity ... (3/27/2006) Watch Video
Be Amazing — Science and Nature: Grow your own hand ... (3/27/2006) Watch Video
CIS Associates — Cars and Trucks: Newest 2006 models ... (3/27/2006) Watch Video
Creative Zone — Construction: Big spins ... (3/15/2006) Watch Video
Danny First Toys — Playsets: Play with the penguins ... (3/27/2006) Watch Video
Deep Creek Enterprises — Games: Electronic horse racing ... (3/27/2006) Watch Video
Deflexion — Games: Laser beams from ancient Egypt ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Depesche USA — Plush: Europlush ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Diamond Comic Distributors — Collectible: What's opera, Doc? 3/23/2006) Watch Video
Diggin — Scoot & Shoot Soccer (3/23/2006) Watch Video
EMINES — Roll-n-Multiply (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Estes Inc. — Rockets: Blast off! (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Fascinations — Aircraft: Countdown ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
First For Magic — Magic: Earth, wind and fire ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Geo Central — Sticky Stones ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Grape Games — 'Bouta Face(3/23/2006) Watch Video
Holy Folks — Plush/Dolls: Magnetic Jesus ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Hotaling Imports — Action Figures: Fantasy and Knights ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Holztiger — Wooden toys: Trucks built to last ... (3/27/2006) Watch Video
IMEX Model Company — Hobby Goods: Furnish your house ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Incredible Kid — Educational: ABC goes Hollywood! (3/15/2006) Watch Video
In-Tact, Inc. — Outdoor Fun: Get wet and wild with the spiders ... (3/15/2006) Watch Video
International Playthings — General Toys: Calico Critters meet Mighty World ... (3/15/2006) Watch Video
Joo Joo — Plush: Pillow pups ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
LGB of America — Trains: All aboard!(3/23/2006) Watch Video
Legendary Games — Games: Farkel forever! (3/15/2006) Watch Video
Lionel Trains — Trains: Holidays pull into the station ... (3/15/2006) Watch Video
Monkey Business — Outdoor Fun: Go Robin Hood ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Mystic Game Company — Games: Find your future ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
OgoSport — Outdoor fun: Miniminimini trampolines ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Randolph Rose Group — Games: Football in your living room ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Remember The Magic — Arts & Crafts: Dino eggs ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Schylling Toy — Vintage/Licensed Products: Shoot up the past ... (3/15/2006) Watch Video
Scientific Explorer — Arts & Crafts: Make your own brain ... (3/15/2006) Watch Video
Spinner Skates — Outdoor Fun: Get your heels on ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Stellar Toys — General Toys: Psychedelic flying disks ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Tedco Inc. — Construction: Dinosaurs bones galore... (3/15/2006) Watch Video
Uberstix — Construction: Build without guilt ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Wild Planet — General Toys: Hover-wars ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Yo-Topia Toys — Puppets: Wooden horse on strings ... (3/23/2006) Watch Video
Xyllion — Interactive: Find the prairie dog ... (3/15/2006) Watch Video

Alison MarekWriter's Bio: ALISON MAREK is an award-winning writer, director and cartoonist whose work has been published by Fairchild Publications and DC Comics (Piranha Press), broadcast on Showtime and other cable networks, and viewed worldwide in film festivals. See her short films and print work on Watch her nefarious villains in the web series Get inspired by her cartoons "Daily ARFFirmations to Unleash Your Inner Fido" at Phew! And then ...  Read more articles by this author


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