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Manufacturer Video Demos

Trade Event Demos Let You Get Your Hands on the Toys

Not everyone can go to trade events: They're expensive, time-consuming and exhausting. But you need new toys, and you need to see what they look like and how they work. So TDmonthly Magazine sent its Video Crew to the International Toy Fair in New York City this February to bring the toys to you.

Do a word search by category, or click on the manufacturers alphabetically to see what's new for 2006. And please be sure to check out videos from the recent WTHRA trade show in Pomona, Calif., by clicking here.)

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Manufacturers: Find out how a TDmonthly Video attracts buyers.

Videography by Alison Marek. Edited by Mark Zaslove and Alison Marek.

NOTE: Videos take from 2 to 10 minutes to load the first time.

Adora Dolls — Collectibles and Play Babies: So real you'll have to hire a sitter. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Advanced General Group — Plush: Little Garden Babes .... They're half-human, half-vegetable! (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Aeromax — Costumes: Go rodeo and take the skies ... (2/28/2006) Watch Video
Aglow Angels — Dolls: These cuties light up and sing. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Aleken Games — Games: Party in the bathtub! (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Alexander Doll Co. Inc. — Dolls/Collectibles: Celebrating Evil ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Alfa's Fuzzy Town Inc. — Plush: A precarious penguin ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Allegro Multimedia — Piano Wizard: Teach notes and timing without their noticing. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Answers In Motion — Balls: Think quick and catch a question. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Applehead Factory — Novelty: Cuddly Teddy Scares ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Arkitecky Toys — Construction: Tinker Toys on steroids ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Astrojax — Yoyos: Fling that thing. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
AuroraPlush: Pack a pet to go. (2/28/2006) Watch Video
Automoblox — Cars & Trucks: Build-your-own SUV ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Baby Einstein — Infants & Toddlers: Swing to classical music ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Backpack Toys — Interactive: Teddy Ruxpin Returns. (2/28/2006) Watch Video
Baffle Gab™ — Games: Talk to the dog ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Bahamas International Properties, LTD — Games: Gamble in paradise. (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Beacon Street Girls — Furniture: Tween dreams ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Beka Inc. — Wooden Toys: Be a-mazed ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Best Friend Co. — Plush Doggies: Bow wowee. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Biltmore World Trade Inc. — Plush/Organic Toys: Soy toy ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
BJ Alan Phantom Fireworks Company — Novelties: It's not how you start, it's how you finish ... (3/1/2006) Watch Video
Blue Orange — Games: Don’t tip the clown. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Brain Candy — Educational: Hairy Hand takes you through the world of touch ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Brainy Baby — Educational Infant/Toddler: Develop their left brains; then their rights. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Brand Castle — Arts & Crafts: Eat your art out ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Briarpatch — Games: Leonardo and Nerdy Wordy do their best ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Bruder — Trucks and cars: Watch out for the firehose! (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Bullyland — Action Figures: Giant dinos and tiny knights battle it out in a vinyl world. New from Germany. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
CoDependent Design — Plush: Need a hug? Your toy needs one more ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Cold Spring Direct — Clothing and Accessories: Feel the goo in your shoe ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Concept Enterprises — Pre-school: Mini laptops for mini laps... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Corolle Dolls — Dolls: The fashion in babydoll fashions. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Cow Egg — Bobble Heads in perpetual motion: Get the nod from your fav stars. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Cranium — DVD Games: Musical Chairs meets Simon Says ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Crocodile Creek — Puzzles: Horses to go ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Danoco Corporation — Infant & Toddler: Saddle up Granpa's knee ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Design Your Own — Sporting Goods: Why settle for a humdrum basketball? (3/3/2006) Watch Video
DKE Toys Distribution — Novelties/Collectibles: Jeff Soto in vinyl ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Dolly Adventures — Storybook and Clothes: Girls take their own dolls on Dolly's adventures. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Double Star — Games: Be a Codebreaker, but don't let anyone break yours ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Dream Green — Games: Mancala and the animals ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
DuneCraft — Science & Nature: Predator plants ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Eat My Trivia — Games: You are what you know you eat. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Educational Insights — Arts and Crafts: For smooshing, not noshing. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Edushape — Musical Instruments: One-man band ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
ElogIQ — Games/Puzzles: Mirror me ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Emerson Radio Corp.— Electronics: Take a photo with a sponge ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Entertainer — Electronics: Power your computer with heart ... (2/27/2006)
Watch Video
Europlay — Wooden Toys/Dolls: Push a frog and fly with the fairies ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Eve's Quest — Games: Women rule. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Faber/Castel — Arts and Crafts: Mummies and more ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Face 2 Face Games — Games: Race horses and battle dragons ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Fairy Finery — Costumes and Accessories: Fairies and pirates invade the fair. (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Family Games — Games: Where does your cheetah eat? (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Fanny's Play House — Puppets: These puppets like to exchange body parts ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Fantasma Magic — Magic: What parents want. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Fascinations — Educational: Meet Anty Warhol ... (2/27/2006)
Watch Video
Fiesta Toys — Plush: Rock your Mother Goose ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Folkmanis Inc. — Puppets: Who's got the best tail? (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Fundex Games — Games: For those who dare to peek under their beds … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Galant Games — Flail and Wail away ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Gameware Publishers — Games: Dicey fun! (2/27/2006) Watch Video
GeoMag — Arts & Crafts: Frame Brad Pitt ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Geospace — Sporting Goods: For those about to fly ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Goldbrick Games — Games: Win points for arguing ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Goodreau Dolls — Dolls/Collectibles: "Les" is more ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
GT Squared — Games/Puzzles: Play a puzzle ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Guidecraft — Construction/Ride-ons: Build and vroom ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Gym Time — Games: Meet the sisters and stretch ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Haba — Infant/Toddler: Foxy friends and pull toys. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
HaPe — Construction: Marble madness ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Hog Wild — Novelty: Turn on the blue ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Hollow Woodworks — Furniture/Puzzles: Sit on your name ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Hooray! — Plush/Vehicles: You won't have to wait for the man in brown shorts ever again ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
HSB Nature Toys — Arts and Crafts: Make a giant dragonfly ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Imaginative Minds — Educational: For toddlers who need to polish up their office skills ... (2/27/2006)
Watch Video
Imagiplay — Construction/puzzles: A dinosaur that knows his ABCs ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Industrial Revolution Inc. — Food and Candy: Have a ball with ice cream ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Infinite Prosperity — Ride-ons: Fold up your bike ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Innovative Kids — Infant/Toddler: Let babies be babies ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Insect Lore — Science and Nature: Butterfly mansions ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Jax Games — Games: Doodle with dice ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Jeckida Inc. — Infant/Toddler: Toilets are fun! (3/13/2006) Watch Video
John Hinde Ltd. — Fashion & Accessories: Get framed ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Joy Presence — Plush: Lay your head on a head ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Khami World — Novelty: If you're a Family Guy, grab this 40-Year-Old Virgin ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Kid Galaxy — Radio Control: More morphibians ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Kid Kraft — Furniture/Wooden Toys/Judaica: Don't bite too hard ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Kid O — General Toys: Go Bilibo! (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Kids Juke Box — Personalized: CDs on the go ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Kids Preferred — Plush: Asthma-friendly pups ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Kinetic-Go Games — Games: A thoroughly magnetic game ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Klutz — Arts and Crafts: Big chicken, little books. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
K'Nex — Construction: Don’t go there on a full stomach … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Kodiac Games — Games: You are the dragon ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Lego — Construction: As if mosquitoes weren't bad enough ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Leveractive — Educational: Computer fun time for babies ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
LIKEaBIKE — Ride-ons: Like your bike ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Lisa LeLeu Studios — Puppets/Books: Take a swim with Diggity ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Liston Concepts— Sporting Goods: Juggle it ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Little Kids — Science and Nature: Hear what bugs have to say for themselves ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
LMR Deux Innovations Inc. — Games: Rhyme your way to the Tower of Thrymes ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Lyons Tales — Clothing: Walk a mile on my storybook ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Lyra Group — Arts & Crafts: High-end pencils ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Made By Hands — Arts and Crafts: Make Your Own Masterpiece, but why stop there? (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Madhatter Games — Games: Have an identify crisis ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Manhattan Toy Company — Dolls: The Pixies are coming ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Marban Industries — Construction/Game: Building a tower "blindfolded" (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Marie Osmond — Collectible dolls ... and Marie herself, too! (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Mary Meyer Corp. — Plush: Grab a Taggies ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Matter Group Inc. — Card Games: Stealth learning in Madagascar ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Maui Toys — General Toys: Break down! (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Melissa & Doug — Wooden Toys/Puppets: They love retailers ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
MerryMakers — Books and Plush: They make farting respectable ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Mic-O-Mic Americas — Games: Test your brain and find out if you have one … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Miggle Toys — Games: Electrified football ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Mind Candy — Collectible Cards/Treasure Hunt: If you wouldn't mind an extra $200,000 ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Moonjar — Educational: Conversations to go (2/27/2006)
Watch Video
Nabar Games Inc. — Games: Don't know your stats? Touchdown! (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Neat-Oh! — Play Sets: Ziplify your life ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
New Adventures Toys — Novelty: Dance, Napoleon, dance ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
New Tech — Kites: Take to the air ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Nite Ize Inc. — Outdoor fun: Fly at night ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Nogin Sox Inc. — Novelties/Safety: Wear your brain ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Norman & Globus — Science and Nature: Party with future Einsteins … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
North Star Games — Games: Don’t know trivia? Then bet to win … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Omni Glow Corp. — Novelties: Blow in the dark ... (2/27/2006)
Watch Video
On The Spot Games — Games: Smart games for busy people ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Out of the Box Publishing — Games: Stack fast ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Pamela Drake Inc. — Travel Toys: Magnets to go ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Pencil Grip Inc. — Novelties: Rest and write … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Pizza Box Football — Games: Touchdown! (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Plasmart Inc. — Ride-ons, Games: Scoot across a hardwood floor and shoot some monkeys ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Playmobil — Playsets: No. Princesses rule. (2/27/2006)
Watch Video
Playroom Entertainment — Playroom Entertainment — Games: Killer Bunnies reproduce ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Pokémon USA — General Toys: He’s 10! (3/3/2006) Watch Video
PortaSmart — Furniture/Puzzles: Put it all together ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Preschool Prep Company — Preschool: Meet the Letters, face to ... um, face? (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Professional Games — Board Games: So sue me. Or teach your kids to ... (2/27/2006)
Watch Video
Q-BA-MAZE — Consruction: Build it for your marble Minotaur … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
R & R Games — Games: Hide & Seek dinosaurs ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
RADGames — Games: Demonopolize Monopoly ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Rainbow Games — Games: Host your own celebrity ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Rex Games — Games: Tangoes for Junior ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Roylco Inc. — Arts & Crafts: Giant origami ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Safari, Ltd. — Animal Figures: Take your horse to town ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Sakar International — Electronics/Plush: Turn on the panda and rock ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Savita Games — Grab Antarctica and watch it melt ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Set Enterprises — Games: Those bones, those bones, those dino bones ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Sevinpold — Games: Darkness rules … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Shift — Games: Know Yourself … and then tell everyone else … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Sideshow Collectibles — Collectibles: Take a ride on the wild side ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Silver Dolphin — Books/Arts & Crafts: Let's Make Jewelry with Build-a-Bear ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Small World Kids — Interactive: Have your toy read a book ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Smart Zone — Games: Walk like a beetle ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Snap TV — DVD Games: Grab the remote and go ... (2/27/2006)
Watch Video
Soft Toss Universal Golf — General Games: A hole in one ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Specialty Board Games — Games: Test your CSI senses ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Stikfas/Saizon — Games: Tiddlywinks go designers ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
StrangeCo — Collectibles: Two toys in one ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Teacup Tables — Furniture: Pour tea on a pansy … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Team Angie Productions — Storybook and Plush: Kids have a champion to keep them safe from abuse ... (2/27/2006) Watch Video
The Bead Shop — Arts & Crafts: Design your own wardrobe … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
The Cristofori Baby Company LLC. — Videos: Discover the language of music ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
The Pamela Company — Costumes: Tangerine tutus ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Thingo Games — Games/Calendars: Look for the smiling pizza ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Tiny Love — Infant/Toddler: Watch television with me … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Tonner Dolls — Collectibles/Dolls: It is easy being green if Tonner designs your wardrobe … (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Toy Play — Licensed products: Draw a house and step inside ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Toy Presidents — Collectibles/Novelty: The Duke’s back. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Triking Games — Games: Make Caesar whup the Aztecs (with a $500 guarantee!) ... (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Ty — Plush: How much is that doggie toy in the window? (3/3/2006) Watch Video
Ugly Dolls — Collectibles: The designers speak, because the dolls just won’t. (3/3/2006) Watch Video
UHL House — Novelties/Dolls: Vampire bratz ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Vogue Doll — Dolls: Ginny has an unexpected friend ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Whacky Music — Musical Toys: Let's get loud ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Wikki Sticks Company — Arts & Crafts: Monkeys on a tightrope ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Wild Planet — Pretend Play: Make James Bond jealous ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
Wild Republic — Construction: Create a lioterpuss ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
WonderChess LLC — Games: Knight takes Queen ... and eats it ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Woodstock Percussion Inc. — Musical instruments: Amplifier optional ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Zany World — Games: Manners, please ... (3/08/2006) Watch Video
ZapIt Games — Video Games: 6-person video fun ... (3/13/2006) Watch Video
Zobmondo Entertainment — Games: Would you rather chew on shards of broken glass or sit on a lighted barbecue? (2/27/2006) Watch Video
Zoki — Games: What's in a name? (2/27/2006) Watch Video

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