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Articles by Jodi M. Webb

Aquarium Toys Bring the Ocean Indoors (5/1/2006)
The undersea world has a perennial appeal to children.

Traditional Puzzles: More Than Meets the Eye (4/1/2006)
The traditional jigsaw puzzle plays an important part in the world of toys.

Specialty Puzzles: A Unique Fit (4/1/2006)
Casual puzzlers are now being introduced to mind-boggling puzzles as they become increasingly available at mainstream retail locations.

Exercise: The Latest Addition to Game Time (3/1/2006)
The industry is delivering on a demand for more exercise with several different types of indoor activity games.

When the Tools of the Trade Are Toys (3/1/2006)
Schools, hospitals and other groups involved with children purchase toys on a regular basis.

Techno-Fashion Puts Sparkle Back in Plastic (2/1/2006)
Light emitting diodes (LED) make it possible to have jewelry that twinkles, pulses, even spells out your name in a variety of colors.

From Backyard Birthday Party to Toy Store (1/1/2006)
Three unrelated facts resulted in the birth of the Box Train Express, a pretend play toy company.

Toys With Heart Coming Soon (1/1/2006)
Although many companies have developed interactive toys that react to specific phrases, familiar objects and even voices, Exmovere LLC has taken the technology to the next level.

Getting in the Game (1/1/2006)
DVD interactive games were an idea a decade in the making. Now, they're becoming ubiquitous.

Toddlers Meet the Letters (12/1/2005)
Kathy Oxley, founder of Preschool Prep, a company that makes educational videos for toddlers, believes that letter recognition is easiest for the very young.

The Double-e Sisters and ee publishing (12/1/2005)
elizabeth sills and elena patrice, two Virginia sisters, had always dreamed of having creative careers, working together and contributing to the “children’s world.”

Are Your Kids Registered? (11/1/2005)
You register kitchenware for weddings, why not toys for Christmas? Think of the time and money it would save, not to mention concern over whether you bought a duplicate gift.

Scoubiloop: A Craze Jumps an Ocean (10/1/2005)
Everyone in Europe knows that “cool” is just another word for Scoubidou.

Get This Boy a Hat (10/1/2005)
My search for “dress-up” hats for my son has led me, rather reluctantly, to the Internet. Sadly, 2 year olds can´t get enthusiastic about choosing a new hat from photos the size of postage stamps on a computer screen.

Surviving Special Occasions With the Right Toy (9/1/2005)
“Children should be seen and not heard” is a rule that our culture has abandoned. My children have been seen and heard everywhere

Double the Alpha Toy, Double the Fun (8/1/2005)
Children come in pairs. If they don’t have a sibling sharing their toy box, they have an endless schedule of play dates.

Pufferbelly Toys: A Small Town Success Story (7/1/2005)
Stephanie Cox admits that no one would move to St. Helens, Ore. to open a toy store. But Cox wasn’t coming from the outside.

Fusion Toys: Greater Control Leads to Greater Profits (7/1/2005)
Instead of relying on the most modern marketing tool, Fusion Toys places emphasis on the oldest tool: the personal connection.

Signs Point to Sales (7/1/2005)
Toy shopping can be overwhelming. If toy stores were set up more like grocery stores, customers may find it less so.

I Could Have Been an Inventor (6/1/2005)
The warm weather arrived just as my son learned to put on his own shoes.

Collecting Memories in the Toy Box (5/1/2005)
A recent article warned people not to make the mistake of selling valuable collectibles at their annual yard sales: signed pottery, war souvenirs, banana seat bikes. Yes, those vintage kid-movers from the ´70s routinely bring $500 a banana!

Five Minutes of Family Reading Time (5/1/2005)
Sick of playing car bingo? Mini-mysteries offer a challenging diversion to keep families occupied while on the road.

Is It Play Time or Is It Snack Time? (5/1/2005)
Is it play time or is it snack time? It’s becoming hard to tell. Two favorite pastimes, cooking and crafting, have collided, resulting in the development of the edible-craft kit.

Board Games: Learning About Strategy, Learning About Life (4/1/2005)
Technology – everything from computers to appliances that talk to me to my children’s toys – has always intimidated me.

Gardening Gear Grows Little Green Thumbs (4/1/2005)
For many a lifelong gardener, the adult passion began in the early stages of life, as a child accompanying his or her parents in the home yard.

An Annual Pilgrimage (3/1/2005)
“Do you know any toy stores?” asked my cousin. This question confused me at first. Sure, we live an hour from just about everywhere, but we do have plenty of department stores nearby that stock toys.

Newspaper, Glue and Memories (2/1/2005)
After my daughter’s birthday party this year we lugged home gift bags stuffed with the latest dolls, videos and electronic games. The next day the pestering began.

Marvin´s Magic: Treasure For Wizards of All Ages (12/1/2004)

Children´s Media: Taking the Movies Home (11/1/2004)
Today’s movies remain in audiences´ minds long after the final credits roll, thanks to hundreds of film-related licensed products available. According to Michael Redman, who tracks toy and video game trends for NPD Funworld, 25-30% of total toy sales are licensed product sales. The Licensing Letter puts the profit that film studios realize from licensing at $7.6 billion per year. Of course, this revenue is realized across hundreds of different products and categories. How do children choose which licensed products they want?

Fun After It´s Done (10/1/2004)
With today’s arts and crafts and activity kits the fun doesn’t end when the project is completed. Instead of hanging a finished creation on the living room wall, children might play with it, eat it, or even wash with it.

Goody Bag of Gold: Get a Piece of the Extreme Birthday Party Cake (8/1/2004)
Today’s birthday parties are themed extravaganzas with budgets to match. With a few simple steps you can ensure that your customers think of you when it comes time to plan their children’s birthday parties

Garden Railroading with LGB (8/1/2004)
From the introduction of their first train in 1968, Wolfgang and Eberhard Richter were recognized as innovators in the model train industry

Puppet Theatres Offer New Alternatives (2/1/2004)
Like the puppets that come to life onstage, puppet theatres come in all shapes and sizes...

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