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January 2004 | Vol. III - No. 1


Happy Dog Toys Debuts New Playthings for Cats

Happy Dog Toys’ newest offerings for cats prove once again that the company is the most innovative pet-toy manufacturer on the market. Anyone who’s ever spent any time near a house-cat (all of us) knows that they have an inexplicable fascination with paper bags. Thing in a Bag ($11.95) resembles an ordinary brown paper lunch bag made of a durable material that’s claw and bite resistant. Inside the bag are crinkly-sounding materials and a battery-operated device that produces random movements (requires 3AA batteries), giving this toy instant feline appeal.

The Bug Jar ($14.99) resembles the kind kids use to catch fireflies, but contains a small fan in the toy’s weighted base causing the lightweight “bugs” to flutter around the jar—an irresistible draw to any cat. The weighted base allows kitty to swat at the bugs, rocking the jar rather than knocking it over (requires 4 AA batteries). This toy will be a kick for cats and their owners, providing more family laughs than most sitcoms.


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