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October 2005 | Vol. IV - No. 10


Toys in the Hand: An Expert Opinion

Expert Mom: Give Her Your Toys... If You Dare!

In addition to raising two girls, ages 7 and 2, Maryam Seyedhosseini has a degree in child and adolescent development from the California State University, Northridge. She currently teaches the arts to pre-kindergarten children and has previously counseled at-risk youth. Her background as a mother and as a childcare professional give her a unique insight into toys. Here she shares her impressions of new toys with TDmonthly Magazine.

Name: Fun With Rock Painting
Age: 8 and up
Gender: Girls and Boys
Price: $14.95

First Impressions
Fun With Rock Painting has a very appealing package that gives a glimpse into the kit itself. The packaging is colorful and nicely designed. It is also easily opened, so children can observe the contents of the kit.

Developmental Stage
Any age child from 8 and up will learn something different using this project. It will aid in physical development because creating the project and manipulating the paints requires dexterity. It is good for mental development as well, since the child must follow instructions to complete the project. It’s great for imagination and creation. The child can make the characters mentioned in the kit, or create new ones.

Skills Reinforcement
Imagination has a great impact on the cognitive and behavioral development of children. This toy allows children to use their imagination in play. Children will learn to respect nature and to realize that it can be used as a tool for creating. They will also learn that art projects can be done inexpensively using simple materials such as paint and objects found in nature.

Children will have fun as they walk around the yard or park, hunting for the right shape of rock for their project. They’ll learn about shapes, mixing colors, drawing and putting together the pieces of the kit. The best thing about this toy is that once they’ve finished, children can keep the rocks as decorations.

This toy is definitely recommended to parents who are buying for children ages 8 and up. I love it! Great product!

Name: The Ladybug Game
Age: 3 to 7
Gender: Girls and Boys
Price: $11.95

First Impressions
The packaging is simple and basic. Because there are no instructions on the package, buyers will not realize what a fun game they’re getting until they’ve opened the box.

Developmental Stage
The Ladybug Game is a great tool for cognitive learning. C hildren learn about cooperation and taking turns, and work on their numbers at the same time. It helps the children to stay focused on their moves and learn the consequences of their actions.

Skills Reinforcement
This game teaches children about nature and insects. Children will become more curious about the insects’ lives. It is also a great tool for opening the door to reading.

The game is perfect for insect lovers. This game is emotionally very encouraging to the children, too, because it was created by a young child. It may encourage kids to come up with their own ideas for games, thus aiding in their self esteem.

This is a nice game for children who are interested in learning about bugs.

Name: Parent’s Magazine Young At Art
Company: BATTAT INC.
Age: 18 months and up
Gender: Girls and Boys
Price: $24.99

First Impressions
The design of the product appeals to younger children. The bean-bag lap rest makes it more secure. The animal shapes are very appealing and pleasant.

Developmental Stage
This toy will help young children develop eye and hand coordination. It develops fine-motor skills because they need to hold the pen and small handles of the shapes.

Skills Reinforcement
This toy will help very young children develop the ability to draw on their own. They can use their imagination or the magnetic animal stamps to create lovely pictures.

Young children enjoy playing with the little animals. The soft bean-bag cushion on the back makes the toy more comfortable. Children like to press on the bean bag, too. The magnet of the pen is not very strong, so the drawings fade away fast. The eraser is very hard to work with. It is definitely a grown up job to move it. The sound of the eraser can makes the children uncomfortable and some times scared.

This will be a very good toy for young children once the eraser is improved so that it functions better.


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