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Trends In Die-Cast Vehicles: A Boy’s Paradise To A Collector’s Obsession

Die-cast vehicles have been hugely popular in the toy market since 1947 when Lesney Products of England produced the first 1:64 cars. ...READ MORE


The Halloween Hoopla for 2005

According to the experts, the boys of the Thames family of Penn Wynne, Pa., are typical Halloween consumers. Twelve year-old Alex and his 9-year-old brother, Daniel, don’t start thinking about costumes until the day before All Hallow’s Eve....READ MORE


Pretend Play Makeover: Classing Up Kids´ Free Time

For Generation Xers, baby boomers and their ancestors, pretend play primarily consisted of digging into parents’ closets and attic trunks to drag out baggy old sport coats, crushed hats and oversized high-heeled shoes. These days, pretend play has become a royal affair....READ MORE


Halloween Show Attracts New Markets

TransWorld’s National Halloween, Costume & Party Show was collocated with the National Haunted Attractions Show Featuring The Dark Zone at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. March 4 – 8. ...READ MORE


MGA Introduces Five New BRATZ Lines This Spring

The BRATZ spring 2005 line is sure to be a must-hit among girls ages 6 and up. Five hot lines have already hit the market....READ MORE


High Tech Gadgets for Hip Kids

As iPods, VAIOs, Blackberries and Treos become mainstays of modern adult life, children and teenagers have often lamented the lack of trendy electronic products targeted towards their age group. Finally, the toy industry has heard their cries....READ MORE


The Art of the Mask: An Interview with Lookinglass Owner Louis Klaitman

With a background in retailing Louis Klaitman began recycling clothing for wholesale in 1972. Today, he sells under the Cabaret brand name to international clients. He supplies Halloween retailers and party planners of special events and Mardi Gras. ...READ MORE


The Man Behind the Masks: Bump in the Night’s Chuck Jarman

Though some of his merchandise is tame, most of Jarman’s masks and puppetry are macabre and frightening. Vicious looking clowns, deformed heads, and rotten creatures add to an extensive selection of masks, displays, and puppets not intended for the faint-of-heart. To learn about the man behind the masks,...READ MORE


High Fashion Haunting with InCharacter Costumes

In 2004, Chuck Martinez and Bob Pickens, two men with already long careers in the thriving Halloween industry, teamed up to launch InCharacter Costumes....READ MORE


The Bear Mill: The Secret is in the Stuffing

When The Bear Mill, an Idaho-based company, opened its doors for business in 2000, it was initially involved in the design and manufacture of pillow stuffing machines. Yet things changed in a dramatic fashion in 2001....READ MORE


An Annual Pilgrimage

“Do you know any toy stores?” asked my cousin. This question confused me at first. Sure, we live an hour from just about everywhere, but we do have plenty of department stores nearby that stock toys....READ MORE


RFID Technology Creeps Into the Toy Box

Radio Frequency Identification, otherwise known as RFID, is a nearly 30-year old technology beginning to pop its head into practical use. Toy retailers have begun to use the technology’s similarity to the bar code to track products, while manufacturers are utilizing the technology to create a new generation of interactive toys....READ MORE


TDmonthly Top 10 Most Wanted Lists

The TDmonthly Top 10 lists are mostly used by specialty retailers to better anticipate market demands and trends. These lists are based on thorough research and interviews...READ MORE


Toy Fair Review & Preview Articles

The TDmonthly Magazine’s Toy Fair Preview and Review articles include product information on some of the newest and most unique items offered by toy and hobby manufacturers, many of whom presented in the past months at international toy trade shows....READ MORE

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Trends In Die-Cast Vehicles: A Boy’s Paradise To A Collector’s Obsession  The Halloween Hoopla for 2005  Pretend Play Makeover: Classing Up Kids´ Free Time  Halloween Show Attracts New Markets  MGA Introduces Five New BRATZ Lines This Spring  High Tech Gadgets for Hip Kids  The Art of the Mask: An Interview with Lookinglass Owner Louis Klaitman  The Man Behind the Masks: Bump in the Night’s Chuck Jarman  High Fashion Haunting with InCharacter Costumes  The Bear Mill: The Secret is in the Stuffing  An Annual Pilgrimage  RFID Technology Creeps Into the Toy Box  TDmonthly Top 10 Most Wanted Lists  Toy Fair Review & Preview Articles 

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