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The Hollywood Toyboy: Put It Where the Movie Does Shine

This month we´re gonna talk about PRODUCT PLACEMENT and how it affects the retailer. Face it, when kids see something in a movie, they want it. Remember the run on Reese´s Pieces after "E.T."? More recent is the push on Uglydolls after kids started seeing the "Zathura" movie trailer where the lead, Danny (Jonah Bobo), is wearing an Uglydoll T-shirt. Want to get a jump on a toy trend? Watch the movie trailers....READ MORE


Witches and Love Triangles Snag Tween Girls

Tween girls may not buy toys, but they do buy comics — especially shojo manga-influenced floppies and graphic novels....READ MORE


Sugar, Snails and Silicone: Today´s Doll Materials

What are little girls and boys made of? These days, if they’re collectible replicas, a soft vinyl and silicone mix. From sculpting to manufacture, new materials are revolutionizing the look and feel of baby dolls....READ MORE


Where Is Samoa? These Geography Toys Will Help

The word "geography" often conjures up images of pull-down world maps, rubber-tipped pointers and blank map quizzes. It doesn’t bring to mind innovative, educational play things. Some manufacturers are trying to change that....READ MORE


Underwater War! The Battle Between Sea-Monkeys and Triops

Sea-Monkeys have been an industry standard for 45 years. Enter Triops: bigger, meaner and newer to the market. It’s a battle for retailer shelf-space. Who do you choose?...READ MORE


September Toys on the Move

If you really want to get to know a toy, you´ve got to see it move. Or quack. Or do whatever it is that toy was meant to do. Mr. TOYDIRECTORY examines these new products in the following brand new videos produced just for specialty retailers like you. Tickets, please! It´s time for the show...READ MORE


The List of 10: How to Create a Successful Roster of In-Store Events

To spark sales and build a customer base, many retailers turn to in-store events. But specifically, what works? To find out, TDmonthly asked several retailers across the country. ...READ MORE


And the Toy Winners Are ...

Many innovative toy manufacturers have won awards this year for creating unique designs that both educate and entertain children. ...READ MORE


Digital Dimensions Computes With Kids

As parents and teachers emphasize computer skills among preschoolers, the retail market is changing to accommodate the special needs of toddlers. Adult models are difficult, if not impossible, for a small child to use. One company has branched out and formed a special division to meet this growing demand....READ MORE


Become Enchanted With Dervish Toys

After six years in development, the husband and wife founders of Dervish Toys, Charles Erdman and Tatiana Romanov, are finally ready to bring their old world fantasy to life....READ MORE


Buying a Doll Experience? — Priceless

See a doll, hear a doll. Touch it. Buy it. Then come back for more. The sensory approach to doll selling that Jerree Childers has chosen for her store seems to be working; she estimates that 70% of her customers are repeat buyers. ...READ MORE


Copernicus Toys Makes Kits for Kids With Vision

During a tight period of the business cycle in the early ‘80s, natural food store owners Ellen and Harris Tobias diversified their store´s offerings to include made-in-China tin wind-up cars. Thirty years later, the Tobiases are focused on toys, heading Copernicus Toys....READ MORE


Surviving Special Occasions With the Right Toy

“Children should be seen and not heard” is a rule that our culture has abandoned. My children have been seen and heard everywhere ...READ MORE


TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted Realistic Play Babies

When it comes to baby dolls, the “realer” the better. Lifelike baby dolls meant for collectors, such as Ashton-Drake Collectible’s So Truly Real! line and the Lee Middleton Original Doll Co.’s Breath of Life Babies, have even crossed over into the (very careful) play category....READ MORE


The Coming Fashion in Fashion Dolls

Next month, TDmonthly Magazine talks with the heads of the fashion doll industry — the creators, the CEOs, the movers-and-shakers — to find out where it’s all going and why....READ MORE

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The Hollywood Toyboy: Put It Where the Movie Does Shine  Witches and Love Triangles Snag Tween Girls  Sugar, Snails and Silicone: Today´s Doll Materials  Where Is Samoa? These Geography Toys Will Help  Underwater War! The Battle Between Sea-Monkeys and Triops  September Toys on the Move  The List of 10: How to Create a Successful Roster of In-Store Events  And the Toy Winners Are ...  Digital Dimensions Computes With Kids  Become Enchanted With Dervish Toys  Buying a Doll Experience? — Priceless  Copernicus Toys Makes Kits for Kids With Vision  Surviving Special Occasions With the Right Toy  TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted Realistic Play Babies  The Coming Fashion in Fashion Dolls 

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