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Exhibition Guru Gives Tips for Toy Fair (12/1/2011)
If you’re attending Toy Fair for the first time, you may have questions about exhibitor dos and don’ts.

Holiday Preview: Electronics (12/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Furniture & Décor (12/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Educational (12/1/2010)

September Staff Picks (9/1/2010)
RazBaby eliminates the need to rinse ground-dwelling pacifiers, and Mark-My-Time introduces a hip digital booklight

August Staff Picks (8/1/2010)
Mishidesign transforms play with an adaptable wooden baby walker that later converts to a ride-on and even a trolley for older children's playtime.

In This Issue (8/1/2010)
See brief article summaries for this summer's August issue of TDmonthly Magazine

TDmonthly’s 2010 Award Winners: Top-Selling Toys & Games (8/1/2010)
When it comes down to the bottom line in the toy industry, we have to ask: Which products do kids LOVE? and Which items help retailers’ businesses THRIVE? The answers are one and the same

Top-10 Toys at ASTRA 2010 (7/1/2010)
Games were a hit with buyers at the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association's annual Marketplace in June, a post-show TDmonthly Magazine survey revealed

July Staff Picks (7/1/2010)
Oblo Spheres from Great Circle Works demands precision at every layer, and words count as strokes in an educational game of golf

Holiday Preview: Books (7/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: CDs & Musical Toys (7/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Arts & Crafts (7/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Wooden Toys (7/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Games, Part 1 (7/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Games, Part 2 (7/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Construction Toys (7/1/2010)
In the world of building, Yoshiritsu's LaQ sets build beetles and more, KnuckleStrutz wows with poseable robots, and Fat Brain Toys plays with the cute factor in a line of stackable turtles.

Holiday Preview: RC & Hobby Toys (7/1/2010)

Place an Order, Get a Rebate! (7/1/2010)
The 4th-quarter rush is coming! Throughout the month of August, multiple vendors will be presented as an extension of TOYDIRECTORY and TDmonthly Magazine's new Retailer Rebate Program

Holiday Toys to Fill Your Store (7/1/2010)
You've attended trade shows, thumbed through catalogs, and started to receive box after box of fun holiday merchandise. But perhaps you're still awaiting that "wow" product for Christmas

In This Issue (7/1/2010)
See brief article summaries as you dive into the July issue of TDmonthly Magazine

Holiday Preview: DVDs (7/1/2010)

June Staff Picks (6/1/2010)
Kids can practice fine-motor skills while exercising the brain with Twisterz Toys' line of ring-turning tubes that build words, tell stories and match letters to colorful images.

Crafts Put Hands to Work on Video (6/1/2010)
Creativity for Kids puts art into dessert, while the Orb Factory wows with new bangle bracelets. Watch these and other creative crafts

Take 2: Wooden and Construction Toys (6/1/2010)
Construction toys are building up and up with tower-friendly pieces from Hape International and Fat Brain Toy Co., and Holztiger's wooden semi trucks have trade-out parts

Puzzles & Preschool Toys Come Together on Video (6/1/2010)
Kids can make a cup of coffee or grill up a burger with Hape's new Educo sets, and they're sure to be delighted when pieces of puzzle pictures and constructions fall into place

In This Issue (6/1/2010)
Upselling is about helping customers, training staff, and believing in products

Toy Videos of the Day: 6-29-10 (6/1/2010)
We want you to see the toys we see, so you can determine if they're right for your store! Check this space every weekday to see brief video clips

Holiday Preview: Sporting Goods & Outdoor Toys (6/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Infant & Toddler (6/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Preschool (6/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Kids' Costumes and Apparel (6/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Made in the USA (6/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Science & Nature (6/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Action Figures and Animal Replicas (6/1/2010)

Holiday Preview: Novelties (6/1/2010)

Take a Look at These Holiday Toys (6/1/2010)
There’s always the challenge of deciding what to order for the Christmas season, and once you do, where to store it! For that first part, TDmonthly Magazine wants to ensure that you don’t miss out

Learning Aids Track Time on Video (6/1/2010)
A scheduling buddy helps kids handle daily activities, a tomato teaches kids about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, and a see-through race car lets children see inside the action

Hear Musical Instruments Perform on Video (6/1/2010)
Want to create a beautiful, orchestral arrangement? It's all in your hands with The Beamz, a laser-beam "instrument" for error-free music making

Plush and Puppets Get Cuddly Up Close (6/1/2010)
Ben Kachoo from Fierce Fun Toys sneezes as much as he snuggles, and the Curtain Critters are ready to add the finishing touches to a child's room

Videos: Dolls Bask in the Spotlight (6/1/2010)
MGA Entertainment has launched a culturally diverse line of 18" dolls for the specialty market, and Ty Inc. has scaled down its doll designs with new Li'l Ones,

Vendors Flaunt Fashions on Video (5/1/2010)
Manufacturers including Creative Education of Canada and Little Adventures have rolled out fabulous new costumes for kids. And thanks to Flipoutz and Bead the Message, children can wear bracelets that say what they want to say

Videos: Baby Toys Engage With Color and Texture (5/1/2010)
O.B. Designs' quirky DINGaRINGs double up as a plush rattle and a teether, and HABA's new line of sheep softens baby's world with a gentle palette and eco-friendly materials

LEGO and Star Wars Prepare for Stardom (5/1/2010)
There's no shortage of Star Wars toys and novelties this year — lightsaber chopsticks, anyone? Mattel gets WWE figures into the ring to fight, while Bachmann Trains hits the tracks with large-scale sets

Novelties Stretch and Splat on Film (5/1/2010)
Stressed out? TDmonthly Magazine's toy videos from 2010 trade shows have some easy, low-cost solutions for easing the tension

Videos: Outdoor Toys Fire, Fly, Scoot and Bounce (5/1/2010)
Beware of shooting marshmallows, streams of water and freshly filled water balloons! TDmonthly Magazine's videos of outdoor toys from early 2010 exhibitions show creatively engineered flying toys

Games Engage on Camera (5/1/2010)
EeBoo and Education Outdoors put families in the mood to venture outside with assignments of gathering a garden and finding that ever-elusive snipe

May Staff Picks (5/1/2010)
This spring, kids can sew felt owls from Kit and Caboodle Designs, assemble action figures with Knucklestrutz or OLLO kits from Robotis, and take construction toys outdoors

Animals and Action Figures Act Out on Camera (5/1/2010)
-Safari Ltd. is keeping kids informed with intricately detailed animal replicas both large and small. Figurines by Kiz Toys, Schleich and Party Animal also make appearances

In This Issue (5/1/2010)
Solid branding, testimonials and engaging in-store media educate and improve customer experience

Holiday Preview: Puzzles (5/1/2010)
Kids can study up on geography with puzzles from eeBoo and Smart Play or take a trip back in time as they piece together magazine covers

Holiday Preview: Eco-Friendly (5/1/2010)

Robots and RC Toys Fascinate on Camera (5/1/2010)
Bossa Nova Robotics' Penbo Penguin nurtures its furry young, and Innovation First's Hexbug Nanos scatter in a fascinating and frightening way

Holiday Preview: Dolls (5/1/2010)

Innovation First Sues Urban Trend Over HEXBUG Nano Knock-off (5/1/2010)
Innovation First filed an intellectual property infringement lawsuit against Urban Trend LLC on Tuesday, May 11, claiming trade dress infringement, violations of the Lanham Act and other wrongful conduct in offering knock-offs of HEXBUG Nano

Preview Toys for 4th Quarter (5/1/2010)
If you’re like most specialty retailers, you’ll wrap up your big holiday orders in late summer/early fall. To make sure you have the data you need

April Staff Picks (4/1/2010)
This month in TDmonthly Magazine's Staff Picks, brinca dada gives the dollhouse family modern appeal, used crayons find a second life, and classic wooden blocks adopt a unique attraction in a line called Tegu

Retailing Tips: What Matters in Merchandising (4/1/2010)
Thirty-eight specialty toy retailers across the nation were asked about the best merchandising tip they’ve ever received, or an approach that’s been the golden ticket for their store. Let customers play, they told TDmonthly, and don’t be afraid to shake things up

Get Started on Holiday Orders (4/1/2010)
If Santa's elves haven't put their handiwork to the test yet, they better start prepping soon! Sure it's only spring, but we know you have a lot to consider NOW to make sure your store is stocked with the best specialty toys come Christmastime

Top-10 Most-Wanted Ride-on Toys (4/1/2010)
The PlasmaCar by PlaSmart is the clear favorite in TDmonthly Magazine’s list of the top-10 best-selling ride-on toys for the third year in a row. No surprise there

Toy Videos of the Day: 4-29-10 (4/1/2010)
We want you to see the toys we see, so you can determine if they're right for your store! Check this space every weekday to see brief video clips of new specialty products

In This Issue (4/1/2010)
The toy industry may not break any big records for the decade in 2010, but things are definitely looking up this year

Western States Toy Show Gets a Boost in New Venue (4/1/2010)
The Western States Toy & Hobby Show isn't known for high traffic or bustling activity ... But this year, ditching its 20-year post at the fairgrounds in Pomona, Calif., for the more tourist-friendly shores of Long Beach, the expo regained momentum

TDmonthly's Top-10 Toys: Western States Show (4/1/2010)
Manufacturers and reps at the 2010 Western States Toy & Hobby Show showed off plenty of playthings for indoor activity, outdoor fascination and environmentally minded kids. Can You Imagine's Big Bang Rocket turns heads

March Staff Picks (3/1/2010)
Games and non-traditional construction pieces will keep children's imaginations alive and offer hours of fun as spring approaches

WTHRA Show Wows the WEST (3/1/2010)
The annual Western States Toy and Hobby Show is heading to the Long Beach Convention Center at the end of March, and so are we! TDmonthly Magazine's crew will be there to get updates

Top-20 Most-Wanted Games: Part 1 (3/1/2010)
Enter 2010, and Bananagrams continues to hold steady as the No. 1 game among specialty retailers, revealed a survey of 38 specialty toy-store owners and buyers

Top-10 Most-Wanted Wooden Toys (3/1/2010)
Melissa & Doug. We could almost stop there, based on responses from 38 specialty toy stores across the United States, but there are other top-selling wooden toys, too.

In This Issue (3/1/2010)
This issue is rather dark, given reports of a gothic haze over the IDEX doll convention, a review of a vampire guide that's sure to keep fans of Twilight's Edward and Bella in the know, and Kamhi World's crazy-cute, blood-thirsty Vamplets

Top-20 Most-Wanted Games: Part 2 (3/1/2010)
You know about the frenzy over Bananagrams and Set Enterprises' trio of popular games, but what about the games just behind the top-10 best sellers? To help ensure your store has the best possible selection, we've outlined the top-20 games customers want most

ASTRA’s Top-30 Toys from Toy Fair 2010 (3/1/2010)
During the American Specialty Toy Retailers Association’s Share the Fair event at Toy Fair 2010, more than 80 representatives from specialty toy stores gathered to discuss the toys and games they’d been most impressed with

Toy Videos of the Day: 3-31-10 (3/1/2010)
We want you to see the toys we see, so you can determine if they're right for your store! Check this space every weekday to see brief video clips of new specialty products

Daryl Hannah Promotes Games at Toy Fair 2010 (3/1/2010)
Actress Daryl Hannah and best friend Hilary Shepard were inspired to design Liebrary when they found themselves on vacation without the books they needed to play their favorite parlor game

TDmonthly's Top-10 Toys from Toy Fair 2010 (3/1/2010)
Toy Fair unfailingly has an overwhelming selection of new toys and games every year, which is one reason TDmonthly Magazine brought you daily updates on our favorite toys and specialty retailers' recommended items

February Staff Picks (2/1/2010)
This year, kids can quench their curiosity with Worx Toys that explain how their real-life counterparts function, take playtime on the road with Neat-Oh!'s mats, and balance without training wheels

In This Issue (2/1/2010)
TDmonthly Magazine will bring you on-site coverage from the exhibit halls of the 2010 American International Toy Fair in New York City Feb. 14-17. Bookmark to find daily updates

Toys in the News: 2-24-10 (2/1/2010)
An overseas shipment tagged as "toys and parts" that arrived in Tacoma, Wash., was discovered to contain 30 rifles similar to those used by the U.S. military

How Toy Fair’s Becoming More Earth Friendly (2/1/2010)
Toy Fair’s gone green before. But this year, in addition to welcoming a slew of eco-friendly product, the Toy Industry Association is ramping up environmental consciousness everywhere from the press room to individual exhibits

Top-10 Most-Wanted Children's Books (1/1/2010)
HarperCollins continues to give book sales high-end flair with "Fancy Nancy" titles that make kids and cash registers smile, according to a TDmonthly Magazine survey of 44 specialty retail stores

January Staff Picks (1/1/2010)
Whether it be poodle, pug or pomeranian, find your favorite pooch in Manhattan Toy's line of Fuzzy Nation dog-fashioned purses and wristlets

What You Won't Miss at Toy Fair (1/1/2010)
You aren't alone in your quest to find the best products at Toy Fair. TDmonthly Magazine's pre-show research and booth visits will yield daily reports Feb. 14-17 to guide you in the right direction

Toy Stores Go Light on Fright (1/1/2010)
Most specialty toy-store owners told TDmonthly Magazine Halloween just isn't a big deal for them. They might do a spooky window display or make sure dress-up is in stock, but customers shouldn't expect all-out decor

Retailing Tips: How to Tackle Toy Fair (1/1/2010)
If you’ve been in the toy industry long enough — or in any field that banks on multi-day market extravaganzas — you know the No. 1 rule for attending Toy Fair is to … yes, wear comfortable shoes!

In This Issue (1/1/2010)
Is it 2010 already? OK, now it’s really time to start planning for Toy Fair, thinking about your open-to-buy, considering new trends, and exploring opportunities to keep your store fresh.

Did You Order the Right Toys for Christmas? (1/1/2010)
Twelve of 32 specialty toy retailers told TDmonthly Magazine their 2009 Christmas sales were up over last year’s, seeing anywhere from 4- to 40-percent increases, with the majority in the 10- to 20-percent range. ... What products did the trick?

Innovations of 2010 (1/1/2010)
Coins jump into bracelets, a dollhouse goes super modern, pacifiers take a new shape, and baby food benefits from a safe storage solution in stylish silicone.

Toy Fair Preview: The Toys YOU Want to See (1/1/2010)
There’s a LOT to see at Toy Fair, so we’re giving you the chance to preview vendors in some of the most popular categories now

Top-10 Most-Wanted R/C and Hobby Toys (12/1/2009)
When surveyed about best-selling remote-controlled toys and hobby items in fall 2009, half of 40 specialty retailers named the Kid Galaxy brand, which continues to be a hot seller

2010 Outlook: Toymakers Introduce Organic, Creative Playthings (12/1/2009)
Some of the specialty market’s favorite vendors recently shared with TDmonthly Magazine how they’re innovating and staying fresh as we enter 2010.

Retailing Tips: Crushing the Competition (12/1/2009)
About 25 percent of 40 specialty retailers polled by TDmonthly Magazine indicated this fall that the impact of mass-market stores on their business is greater than it was five years ago.

Toy Fair: First-Time Exhibitors (12/1/2009)
If you don’t know what an “oomfy” is or can’t wait to share messages with friends via secret code, you don’t want to miss the freshest vendors at the Toy Industry Association’s Toy Fair this February!

In This Issue (12/1/2009)
Before you drop everything and jump into next year’s research full force, make sure your store is on track with December inventory by searching our Holiday Roundup for great finds

TDmonthly's Greedy Grown-ups Xmas List (12/1/2009)
Here at TOYDIRECTORY and TDmonthly Magazine, we try not to let the kid in us come out too much.

Award-Winning Toys For a Hassle-Free Holiday (12/1/2009)
If you're finding holiday shopping to be a stressful task this year, don't worry, you're not alone! At TDmonthly Magazine, we realize that with the limitations of the recession, what you buy for your children this year is more important than ever

Top-10 Most-Wanted School Supplies & Educational Toys (12/1/2009)
A recent TDmonthly Magazine survey of 40 specialty retailers revealed that few carry traditional school supplies.

Tips for Buying “Green” This Christmas (12/1/2009)
Wanting the perfect “green” gift to put under the tree? If you’re concerned with the environmental impact of manufacturing and the materials used in your kids’ playthings

Reviewers Stitch, Snap and Shovel for Fun (12/1/2009)
TDmonthly Magazine reviewers have given their opinions on everything from fish-hunting penguins to recycled bracelets with a customizable message. What do these six products have in common?

Toys for the Christmas Rush (12/1/2009)
Your store is no doubt stocked and ready for the holiday rush leading up to Christmas day. But should you run low or have room to test exciting new products, we've gathered some newer entrants

Toys in the News: 12-30-09 (12/1/2009)
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Dorel Juvenile Group, has announced a voluntary recall of about 213,000 Safety 1st Disney Care Center™ Play Yards and Eddie Bauer Complete Care Play Yards

Toy Fair: From the Exhibit Hall (12/1/2009)
Come Feb. 14, New York City's Javits Center will be abuzz with the latest toys and games from hundreds of exhibitors. To help you sort through the plethora of options, TDmonthly Magazine will provide daily updates

Innovations of 2010 (12/1/2009)
What's coming down the pipe that's really going to "wow" your customers? In TDmonthly Magazine's January issue, catch a glimpse of new year innovations

Top-26 Most-Wanted Holiday Toys (12/1/2009)
If you’re wondering what your fellow specialty retailers are selling out of this Christmas, just take a look at the 26 products and brands detailed below ... For a post-Christmas report on sales, see "Did You Order the Right Toys for Christmas?" — — in our January 2010 issue.

TDmonthly's November Staff Picks (11/1/2009)
Ideopolis' Alphabotz line decks out robots to give whimsical character to phonetics, and stainless steel becomes more present

In This Issue (11/1/2009)
In TDmonthly Magazine's top-10 most-wanted articles this month, find out which products are selling best for the infamous tween set (boys and girls)

Top-10 Most-Wanted Items for Tween Girls (11/1/2009)
These days, if it’s not a craft to be made, an accessory to be worn or a cute animal to be admired, it’s probably not at the top of tween girls’ want lists.

Holiday Price Wars: Toys for $10 and Under (11/1/2009)
Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Toys “R” Us and other mass merchandisers have embarked on their usual seasonal price cuts on toys and other items for holiday sales.

Toys to Replenish Your Stock (11/1/2009)
Should aggressive shoppers leave your store looking picked over early in the season, just have a look at TDmonthly Magazine's Holiday Roundup in the December issue, for suggestions of great specialty toys, games and other gift items

Top-10 Most-Wanted Novelties (11/1/2009)
If your specialty toy or gift store doesn’t carry Iwako erasers from BC Industries, you should take a second look at the sales of these tiny, collectible, puzzle erasers

Toys in the News: 11-29-09 (11/1/2009)
A report from the National Retail Federation shows that shoppers spent about $41.2 billion over Black Friday weekend, up from an estimated total of $41 billion

Safe and Eco-Friendly Shine at ABC Kids (10/1/2009)
Folkmanis was one of the many toy vendors at this year’s ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas — a show that over the past several years has progressively attracted an audience beyond the traditional juvenile products market

Retailing Tips: Riding Out the Recession (10/1/2009)
There’s no time like a recession to try new things. At least that’s what the majority of 38 specialty retailers told TDmonthly Magazine about how they’ve approached 2009

In This Issue (10/1/2009)
Once again, TDmonthly Magazine brings you a video-focused issue, so you don't have to make buying decisions based on text and images alone

Toy Fair Preview: Take 1 (10/1/2009)
Get a head start on the 2010 American International Toy Fair, scheduled for Feb. 14-17 in New York City! TDmonthly Magazine's December issue will launch our annual Toy Fair Preview

Toys in the News: 10-30-09 (10/1/2009)
All Baby & Child announced today that the ABC Kids Expo, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in September, saw a 2.2-percent increase in buyer attendance this year

Plates and Pull-Alongs Make Babies Smile (10/1/2009)
TDmonthly Magazine’s Fall 2009 Awards celebrated several products that cater to the youngest toy fans

TDmonthly's October Staff Picks (10/1/2009)
This month, check out a game in which acquiring debt is a winning tactic, soft-soled modern toddler shoes from Canada, and a sidewalk-chalk curriculum

Top-10 Most-Wanted Science & Nature Toys (10/1/2009)
It’s becoming easier and easier for toy stores to bring “life” to science lessons, with butterfly homes, frog-filled aquariums, multiple ant farms and all sorts of robotic creatures.

Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games (10/1/2009)
Set Enterprises still holds the best hand when it comes to card game sales in specialty toy stores. Nearly half of 38 retailers surveyed by TDmonthly Magazine named Set, Quiddler or Five Crowns when asked about their top sellers.

TDmonthly's Fall 2009 Classic Award Winner (9/1/2009)

TDmonthly's Fall 2009 Innovations Award Winners (9/1/2009)

TDmonthly's Fall 2009 Top Seller Award Winners (9/1/2009)

TDmonthly's Fall 2009 Top Toy Award Winners (9/1/2009)

TDmonthly's Fall 2009 Award Winners! (9/1/2009)
TDmonthly Magazine's Fall 2009 award winners include bugs that buyers can't resist, sophisticated arts and crafts kits for girls, games with penguins, gobblers and plenty of dice, and beautiful natural and wooden toys

Resilience in the Recession (9/1/2009)
Recessions call for creativity, do they not? Many of the specialty toy-store owners who have spoken with TDmonthly Magazine have shown they're up to the challenge

ABC Kids Preview: Stories Worth Sharing (9/1/2009)
Exhibitors of the annual ABC Kids Expo have plenty of motivating stories to share about products inspired by safety, fashion or daily demands in baby care

Toys in the News: 9-29-09 (9/1/2009)
The Toy Industry Association and American International Toy Fair were honored at Trade Show Executive Magazine's "Gold 100" awards recognizing the largest U.S. trade shows

TDmonthly's September Staff Picks (9/1/2009)
Little kids can don a high-quality cape to become a big hero, toss a golden coin to solve sibling conflict, or paint their nails with polish that's as "natural as mud."

In This Issue (9/1/2009)
Since holiday ordering may be more difficult than ever this year, TDmonthly Magazine has boosted its video coverage of new and best-selling toys, so you can see them up close and in action

TDmonthly’s 2009 Award Finalists! (8/1/2009)
Toys, games and baby items poured in for the fall installment of TDmonthly Magazine’s 2009 awards program. The submissions have been narrowed by about 40 percent

TDmonthly's August Staff Picks (8/1/2009)
Stylish, foot-long roadsters from a British company are zooming into the United States, eco-friendly baby toys are being primed with pink, and the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) has gone plush

In This Issue (8/1/2009)
This month, TDmonthly Magazine brings you tips for online success, a spotlight on a Southwest toy store that places big emphasis on fair-labor and American-made toys, and a look into one manufacturer’s complex process

Why Twitter May Be Worth the Time (8/1/2009)
Near the end of July, Flying Pig Games was celebrating its first order via Twitter — direct from a toy store that had recently been introduced to the new Jukem football card game during an in-store demo by the inventor.

TDmonthly's Top 10: Baby & Kids World, Tokyo (8/1/2009)
Japan's first-ever Baby & Kids World trade show, held concurrently with Reed Exhibitions' GIFTEX and DESIGN TOKYO shows, welcomed 106 exhibitors July 8-10, offering a variety of juvenile care items, clothing, toys and accessories

Toys in the News: 8-31-09 (8/1/2009)
The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Entertainment have reached agreement for Disney to purchase the company of superheroes in a stock and cash deal

TDmonthly's July Staff Picks (7/1/2009)
Should the summer sun melt away excitement over new toys and games? No way! Vermont Teddy Bears are making their way to high-end toy stores

In This Issue (7/1/2009)
This month in TDmonthly Magazine, find out how BANDthology and Restoration Gallery’s Global Green Pals fared with reviews and ratings from our Roundtable families, in addition to gaining some tips for business-boosting events

Holiday Preview - Educational Toys (7/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Wooden Toys (7/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - American-Made Toys (7/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Eco-Friendly Toys (7/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Ride-on Toys (7/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Candy & Food (7/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Sporting Goods (7/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - R/C and Hobby Toys (7/1/2009)

Eco and Active-Play Toys for the Holidays (7/1/2009)
As you’re planning for your final holiday orders, take a look at some product categories that largely define the specialty market today

ASTRA Toy Show Maintains Specialty Loyalty in Hard Times (7/1/2009)
“This year's ASTRA show did not disappoint,” Joe Mitchell, owner of YoYo Joe’s Toys & Fun in Wilmington, Del., told TDmonthly Magazine. “Despite an economy that's still in trouble, it was clear that there were more attendees to the show

Toys in the News: 7-31-09 (7/1/2009)
Amid a harsh economic climate, Reed Elsevier has put multiple Reed Business Information trade publications, including Playthings and Kids Today, up for sale

Top-10 Toys from ASTRA 2009 (7/1/2009)
From pet fish in self-sustaining aquariums to tiaras with all the twinkle a little girl could want, specialty toy-store owners at the 2009 ASTRA Marketplace & Academy found plenty of fun products

HDS Technology Offers Practical Alternative for Lead Testing Toys (6/1/2009)
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently reconfirmed use of ICP-OES as the gold standard for determining lead content in paint and painted surfaces, approving the paint-scrape and chemical analysis method for laboratory testing of toys and other children’s products

Regional Reports: What's Selling … And Where (6/1/2009)
Magformers by Rainbow Products are hot sellers for Mike DiAndrea of Hardware Centre Inc. in Paoli, Pa. He noted that between the brick-and-mortar store and the website, they sell about 100 to 150 sets per month. “I’m reordering every three weeks,” he told TDmonthly Magazine.

Holiday Preview - Dolls (6/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Action Figures (6/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Plush and Puppets (6/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Games (6/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Novelties (6/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Construction Toys (6/1/2009)

Kids' Gifts for the Holidays (6/1/2009)
Last month in TDmonthly Magazine’s Holiday Preview, you got a glimpse of some eco-friendly art projects, exciting books and costumes fit for a princess. See this month’s featured categories

Submissions Open for 2009 TDmonthly Awards (6/1/2009)
TDmonthly Magazine is excited to announce open submissions for its annual awards program, which recognizes superior products in the toy industry via TDmonthly’s Top Toy, Top Seller, Classic, Innovations and In the Lab awards!

TDmonthly's June Staff Picks (6/1/2009)
From baby shoes with crazy attitude to cute comics for little kids, there are plenty of exciting new releases to keep your eye on as you sail through the summer and prepare for autumn

In This Issue (6/1/2009)
TDmonthly Magazine has more Holiday Preview articles for you this month, including new launches of dolls, plush and construction toys. Additionally, there's a Shop Talk story on Melody’s Choices

Holiday Preview - Collectibles (6/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Furniture and Decor (6/1/2009)

Holiday Preview - Infant & Toddler (6/1/2009)

Followup: Toy Space at Wal-Mart (5/1/2009)
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. recently denied “new plans to reduce allocated shelf space for toys companywide” as a statement of response to a TDmonthly Magazine article, “Wal-Mart Cuts Toys and Crafts in Clean-Up Campaign,” written by TDmonthly contributor Lutz Muller

TDmonthly's May Staff Picks (5/1/2009)
From fascinating art sets, to eco-friendly dolls and plush, to creative games and science kits, there are plenty of new product launches to consider for fourth quarter

In This Issue (5/1/2009)
When you’re not browsing through the current issue of TDmonthly Magazine, visit ToyDirectory’s recently launched retailer blog to see posts from Joe Mitchell of YoYo Joe’s Toys & Fun in Wilmington, Del.

Top-10 Most-Wanted Infant & Toddler Toys (5/1/2009)
Infants and toddlers, or at least the consumers who buy for them, especially love Rhino Toys’ Oball and Taggies blankets, a TDmonthly Magazine survey of 64 specialty retailers revealed.

Top-10 Most-Wanted Bath Toys (5/1/2009)
To say that toys by Alex-Panline dominate bath time would be an understatement. Nearly 70 percent of 64 specialty retailers surveyed this spring named the Alex line, or particular products from it, when discussing best-selling bath toys,

Top-10 Most-Wanted Travel Toys (5/1/2009)
Melissa & Doug rules in specialty sales of travel games, a recent TDmonthly Magazine poll of 64 retailers showed, taking the cake with Flip to Win games, such as Hangman.

Retailers Take Home Extras in Toy Giveaway (5/1/2009)
Want to score some great samples for your store, or really get to check out new toys by having them in hand? TDmonthly Magazine's new Weekly Toy Giveaway Sweepstakes for Storeowners gives your store the chance to bring in extra product

13-Year-Old Shares Secrets of Snap Caps Success (5/1/2009)
M3 Girl Designs hit New York City for its first Toy Fair ever in February 2009, showing off Snap Caps, the interchangeable, magnetic bottlecap necklaces that have taken off in well over 400 stores nationwide since their introduction

Submit Your Products for TDmonthly Awards (5/1/2009)
TDmonthly Magazine is excited to announce open submissions for its annual awards program, which recognizes superior products in the toy industry

New Toys for Santa's Sleigh (5/1/2009)
This year, kids can ditch the traditional coloring book for some 3-D fun with biodegradable and cardboard structures that can be decorated to their hearts’ content

Toys from ASTRA Exhibitors (5/1/2009)
TDmonthly Magazine's video crew will be in full force at this year's ASTRA Marketplace show in June, but while you await the toy demos featured in our July issue, we'd like you to become familiar with some of the specialty exhibitors

TDmonthly's April Staff Picks (4/1/2009)
Have you seen these toys? From cuddly creatures and exciting art projects to self-sustaining aquariums and bags for kids on the go

In This Issue (4/1/2009)
The trade show circuit continued into March, and TDmonthly Magazine hit the Fairplex in Pomona, Calif., to capture dozens of new toys on video at the Western States Toy & Hobby Show

Regional Reports: What’s Selling … And Where (4/1/2009)
Best sellers in the New England region are a who's who of well-known toys, with Thomas the Tank Engine, Playmobil and Sticky Mosaics from the Orb Factory among the names given.

ToyDirectory Launches Retailer Blog (4/1/2009)
Want to know what's on the minds of specialty toy-store owners?

TDmonthly's Top-10 Most-Wanted Toys: April 2009 (4/1/2009)
This month, there are some exciting breakthrough additions to the traditionally steady list of best sellers for the specialty toy industry — namely, sustainable Eco Aquariums from Wild Creations and the HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures from Innovation First

TDmonthly's Top-10 Most-Wanted Toys: March 2009 (3/1/2009)
Yep, kids are still cuddling with Ganz's Webkinz, battling with Bakugan from Spin Master, and collecting Iwako Japanese erasers

ASTRA's Top Toy Fair Picks (3/1/2009)
During a gathering of more than 100 members of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association at Toy Fair 2009, specialty toy-store owners shared their favorite finds, highlighting must-see new products among the thousands at the show

Toy Fair 2009 Wrap-Up (3/1/2009)
With more than 1,100 exhibitors and in excess of 100,000 products to see in the four days of Toy Fair that overtook New York City, TIA's annual toy show issued a high calling for the 10,000+ retail buyers who walked the aisles of the Javits Convention Center

TDmonthly's March Staff Picks (3/1/2009)
Tired of sifting through catalogs and order forms? Take a break to glance at some of the latest toys that have impressed TDmonthly Magazine's editorial crew

In This Issue (3/1/2009)
You’ve nearly made it through the first quarter of a year burdened by recession and challenged by the implementation of new safety standards … so keep trekking!

New Toys at Pomona (3/1/2009)
Though not near the size of Toy Fair, the annual Western States Toy & Hobby Show consistently delivers a broad selection of creative toys and games for the specialty market.

Access Safety COCs Here (3/1/2009)
Now that the Feb. 10 effective date regarding important requirements under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act has come and gone, you may be left wondering which products on your shelves or on order are in compliance

Eight Toys Honored With 2009 TDmonthly Award (2/1/2009)
TDmonthly Magazine is proud to recognize its newest award winners, a collection of eight exciting products that stood out among the 29 products selected for TDmonthly's 2009 Specialty Toys Report

"Law of the Land" Forces Compliance Amid Confusion (2/1/2009)
"Well-intentioned laws sometimes end up having unintended consequences." That statement, made by Chairman Nancy Nord of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, embodied the reason for this year's Toy Safety Update Seminar at Toy Fair 2009

Toy Fair 2009 Overcomes Doom and Gloom (2/1/2009)
Toy Fair 2009, Feb. 15-18, managed a decidedly positive buzz despite recession woes and admitted hardships over compliance with the lead- and phthalate-restricting CPSIA

February Staff Picks (2/1/2009)
You'll soon be making your own picks from the hundreds of new products debuting at the American International Toy Fair and other trade shows early this year. In the meantime, we've put together a brief list of specialty options

In This Issue (2/1/2009)
Whether you’re running the show circuit or tidying things up in-store to make room for exciting new products, grab the scoop on what’s new via our Notable & New Toys articles

Games You'll See at Toy Fair (2/1/2009)
In a recent survey of 44 specialty retailers, more than 25 percent of those planning to attend Toy Fair '09 indicated they are most looking forward to finding great new games at the show.

Kids' CDs Rock Out and Keep Things Jazzy (2/1/2009)
When TDmonthly Magazine queries specialty toy retailers about what music sells (and plays!) in their stores, Putumayo Kids comes up time and time again. There's no doubt Putumayo has a lot to offer

Why the Recession Is Good for Kids … and Toys (2/1/2009)
“The recession could be the best thing that's ever happened to children's toys,” Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a child development expert and professor at Temple University, told TDmonthly in late January.

What Does the CPSIA Stay Really Mean? (2/1/2009)
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted Jan. 30 to issue a one-year stay on select testing and certification requirements outlined in paragraphs 14 (a) (1), (2) and (3) of the Consumer Product Safety Act

Stay on Tests Provides No Rest (2/1/2009)
The Consumer Product Safety Commission's one-year stay of testing and certification requirements under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act has received largely disgruntled reactions from the toy industry

TDmonthly's Top-10 Most-Wanted Toys: February 2009 (2/1/2009)
This month, the story is much the same with best-selling specialty toys. In short, PlaSmart's PlasmaCar is still on the list (joined by the EzyRoller), Legos are still making their mark in the construction category after decades of success

TDmonthly's Top-10 Most-Wanted Toys: January 2009 (1/1/2009)
Bananagrams, Blokus from Mattel and Bakugan Battle Brawlers from Spin Master Toys are still keeping kids busy with traditional games

January Staff Picks (1/1/2009)
Huggable and handmade plush, artistic accents and eco-friendly designs characterize some of the newest items out in the specialty market

In This Issue (1/1/2009)
It's a fresh, new year ... and time to think about how your 2009 is shaping up

Talk of the Fair (1/1/2009)
Four days of the latest offerings from companies big and small — plush, games, construction toys, science kits, educational products and more! Will you be able to see it all?

Top-10 Most-Wanted Halloween Items (1/1/2009)
About 30 percent of 52 specialty retailers who spoke with TDmonthly Magazine in fall 2008 said they don’t carry specific stock for Halloween in their stores

Retailing Tips: What to Do With Stock That Won’t Move (1/1/2009)
Ideally, your store has the perfect balance of merchandise that flows in and out the door at just the right time according to customers’ wishes.

Good Co./Bad Co.: Who’s Fair to Specialty? (1/1/2009)
In late 2008, TDmonthly Magazine asked 52 specialty retailers to share their preferences for vendors. Which companies can they not live without?

Good Co./Bad Co.: Vendors That Bring You Down (1/1/2009)
Under condition of anonymity, 52 specialty retailers were asked by TDmonthly Magazine in fall 2008 which suppliers are their least favorite to work with.

Good Co./Bad Co.: Feel the Love (1/1/2009)
What attracts specialty retailers to long-term relationships with their suppliers? Everything from excellent customer service and return-friendly policies to fast, free shipping and broad product selection

My First Toy Fair: New Exhibitors (12/1/2008)
In addition to visiting your tried-and-true vendors at Toy Fair 2009, you'll also want to catch the companies whose products are just making it onto the market

TDmonthly’s Top-10 Most-Wanted Toys – December 2008 (12/1/2008)
A November survey of 52 retailers showed that specialty favorites Playmobil and Bananagrams aren’t going anywhere. And Elf on the Shelf, by CCA & B, and Build-a-Road by International Playthings are making their debut

December Staff Picks (12/1/2008)
The holidays demand that your store be more about selling than buying this month, but it'll soon be time to excite customers with new and innovative toys, games and gifts for 2009

TDmonthly's Reviews Do the Work for You (12/1/2008)
Did you know TDmonthly Magazine offers many more product reviews than you read about in this section each month, and makes it easy for you to check out evaluations on the types of toys your store might be interested in?

In This Issue (12/1/2008)
If you’re going to Toy Fair in February, prepare with TDmonthly Magazine’s videos and tips here

We’ll Track the Toys for You (12/1/2008)
During the four days of Toy Fair, February 15-18, TDmonthly Magazine will provide daily updates and new product lists from the show floor in New York’s Javits Center

Don't Miss These Holiday Discounts! (11/1/2008)
Whether you're still holding out for great holiday deals or need to replenish stock that's flown out the door thanks to early shoppers, don't miss out on these specials

Stuff Those Stockings! (11/1/2008)
Wondering how to fill customers' stockings this year? Take some advice from a few dozen specialty toy-store owners who recently gave their recommendations

Fall Toy Preview: Vendors Keep Up Despite Challenging Year (11/1/2008)
Compared with last year’s attendance, the Toy Industry Association’s Fall Toy Preview, Oct. 14-17 in Dallas, Texas, held steady with 280 exhibitors.

Top-10 Most-Anticipated Holiday Sellers (11/1/2008)
Affected by slow sales and a frightening economy, some of the 32 specialty toy-store owners TDmonthly Magazine interviewed in late October didn't feel they could positively name which products will be their strongest sellers for Christmas

New Standards, New Expenses (11/1/2008)
The high cost of testing is just one challenge manufacturers are facing under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that passed in August.

November Staff Picks (11/1/2008)
From colorful paper constructions to useful items for babies and toddlers, the products in TDmonthly Magazine's Staff Picks this month offer fun ways to decorate, educate and play

In This Issue (11/1/2008)
First, let me tell you what’s new at! We’ve redesigned the homepage to serve as a comprehensive research center — based on our communication with retailers and manufacturers every month

How to Surpass Last Year’s Holidays (11/1/2008)
There’s anxiety among specialty toy-store owners as they consider the uncertainty of the impending holiday season.

TDmonthly’s Top-10 Most-Wanted Toys – November 2008 (11/1/2008)
Kanoodle by Educational Insights has made its way on to TDmonthly Magazine’s most recent top-10 list, joining other games Blokus, also by Educational Insights, and Bakugan Battle Brawlers from Spin Master Toys

Don't Miss These Holiday Discounts! (10/1/2008)
As you're finalizing your list of must-have products for the holiday season, remember to take a look at the ordering specials below

October Staff Picks (10/1/2008)
As you welcome all that exciting holiday fare into your store, be sure to keep your radar out for new and interesting products

In This Issue (10/1/2008)
Halloween's here, the smells of Thanksgiving will soon be wafting through the air, and Christmas — no doubt a season you're already planning for — is just around the corner

September Staff Picks (9/1/2008)
From new books to flying discs to cuddly friends, TDmonthly Magazine has come across intriguing new products during the last month

Get a Glimpse of 2009 (9/1/2008)
In TDmonthly Magazine's November issue, check out the latest innovations from mass-market (and some specialty) manufacturers, see which big trends may be coming your way

In This Issue (9/1/2008)
Did you miss last month's announcement about our 2008 award winners and Promising Toys for a Promising Future(tm): TDmonthly Magazine's 2008 Specialty Toys Report?

The Specialty Toys Report Is Here! (9/1/2008)
ToyDirectory and TDmonthly Magazine are excited to announce the release of TDmonthly's 2008 Specialty Toys Report, "Positive Toys for a Promising Future."™

Big Sellers Turn into Big Disappointments (9/1/2008)
What’s hot one year may not be the next, and even some of the market’s most popular items — Learning Curve’s Thomas & Friends and HaPe’s Quadrilla — can end up destined for a last-chance markdown in some stores, TDmonthly Magazine learned

TDmonthly’s Top-10 Most-Wanted Toys (9/1/2008)
Playmobil and Ganz’ Webkinz are still tops at many toy stores, a summer survey of 66 specialty retailers revealed. And through the summer months, indoor games as well as outdoor toys for active play made a big impression on the bottom line.

TDmonthly's Top-10 Most-Wanted Gifts (9/1/2008)
The season for giving is just around the corner, and 66 specialty toy retailers have shared with TDmonthly Magazine which gifts customers most prefer for boys, girls and even babies

Don't Miss These Holiday Discounts! (9/1/2008)
As you're finalizing your list of must-have products for the holiday season, remember to take a look at the ordering specials below

TDmonthly In the Lab 2008 Awards (8/1/2008)
For the first time ever, TDmonthly Magazine has given In the Lab awards to two deserving prototypes

In This Issue (8/1/2008)
If it feels like summer is flying by and holiday orders will soon be upon us, well ... that sounds about right!

TDmonthly’s Top-10 Most-Wanted Dolls (8/1/2008)
“When I first began, I was told in my research for the store [which opened in October 2004] that dolls were going out,” Ray Goodhart, owner of Ages & Stages Toy Box in Golden, Colo., told TDmonthly Magazine.

TDmonthly’s Top-10 Most-Wanted Furniture and Playhouses (8/1/2008)
Dollhouses and kitchens are the most popular furniture and playhouse items at specialty toy stores, 62 retailers told TDmonthly Magazine in early summer 2008.

Catch a Break With These Discounts! (8/1/2008)
As you continue to prepare for the holiday season and order the best specialty toys for your customers, be sure to take a look at these holiday specials

TDmonthly's 2008 Award WINNERS! (8/1/2008)
This year, more than 200 specialty products are featured in TDmonthly Magazine's 2008 Specialty Toys Report: "Positive Toys for a Promising Future."™ Forty-four superior toys received one of five 2008 TDmonthly awards

TDmonthly Top Toy 2008 Awards
It's not easy deciding which toys deserve the most prestigious of TDmonthly Magazine's awards

TDmonthly Top Seller 2008 Awards
Which toys are known for driving up sales in specialty toy stores? The list of winners for TDmonthly's Top Seller 2008 award, presented based on sales evaluations by specialty retailers across the country, tells its own story

TDmonthly Classic Awards
TDmonthly Magazine is proud to announce the select winners of its TDmonthly Classic 2008 Award

In This Issue (7/1/2008)
Ready to watch? Check out TDmonthly’s toy video demos, with highlights on one of our featured categories

Call in the Elves for These Holiday Toys (7/1/2008)
There’s always something new in the world of toys, and that playset you didn’t see just might end up a top seller this holiday season. So while you’re sizzling with summer sales, beat the fall rush, too

Why That Awful Toy Deserves a Second Look (7/1/2008)
It’s natural to be hesitant about a toy you don’t know much about. But are you missing big sales by being too cautious?

Conversations With Keithley: Toys Will Survive (7/1/2008)
Between fighting for a national toy safety standard and educating presidential candidates, the Toy Industry Association’s agenda has been a lot more about politics than play these days.

Sweeten Sales With Edibles (7/1/2008)
More than half of 55 specialty retailers surveyed recently told TDmonthly Magazine they don’t sell any candy in their store. But sweet-toothed customers aren’t left wanting everywhere

June Staff Picks: Crafts and Critters (6/1/2008)
Start summer off on the right foot by exploring new products and prepping your mind (and budget) for those ever-important holiday orders

In This Issue (6/1/2008)
Know what? TDmonthly Magazine wants you to have a good year!

Get These Toys! (6/1/2008)
A TDmonthly Magazine survey of 66 specialty retailers last month showed that many of the toys and games that have topped best seller lists for months are, in fact, still right at the top...

TDmonthly's May Staff Picks (5/1/2008)
Sunny summer days are just around the bend, and with kids on break from school, there's lots of extra time to play

In This Issue (5/1/2008)
TDmonthly Magazine's May Issue is full of marketing tips, product reviews and trend coverage of baby products, travel toys and bath items...

How to Survive a Fallen Economy (5/1/2008)
Despite reports of store closures and economic challenges, many stores are surviving, and even thriving, as mid-year approaches. Several toy-store owners gave TDmonthly Magazine these eight tips for making it through rough waters:

Toys to Watch in 2008 (4/1/2008)
The American International Toy Fair, an annual event that takes over New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Center each February, is the primary launching ground for the toys, games, dolls and various innovations that will shape the nature of the toy industry

TDmonthly's April Staff Picks (4/1/2008)
Need some fresh stock to go along with springtime renewal? Check out these offerings culled from the hundreds of products recently added to TDmonthly Magazine

The Dolls of Pomona (4/1/2008)
Dolls of various ethnicities and diverse fashions hit the floor at the WTHRA Western States Toy & Hobby Show in Pomona, Calif., in March.

Retailers' Top 10: Toy Fair and Pomona (4/1/2008)
What did specialty retailers think about this year’s American International Toy Fair in New York City and the Western States Toy & Hobby Show in Pomona, Calif.?

Toys in the News: 4-29-08 (4/1/2008)
Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi, the prosecutor general of Iran, has denounced the smuggling of Barbie, Harry Potter items and other toys from the West, warning that such products will harm the country's culture

Easter Sales Hopped Up and Down (4/1/2008)
Easter sales were all over the place at 17 specialty stores across the country, TDmonthly Magazine learned, with five stores reporting an increase or numbers in line with last year, and others suffering from the infamous recession, still-wintry weather and vacant towns due to Spring Break.

Wooden Toys Take Pomona (4/1/2008)
Just a few weeks after Toy Fair, West Coast shoppers hit up the Western States Toy & Hobby Show in Pomona, Calif., where natural wooden offerings reflected the marketplace’s penchant for all things safe and eco-friendly...

Retailing Tips: Get the Most Out of Earth Day (4/1/2008)
Given the barrage of environmentally friendly product hitting the market, now is the perfect time to capitalize on “green” by celebrating Earth Day not only on April 22, but all month long.

In the Spotlight: Toy Fair 2008 (3/1/2008)
It’s more than 320 days until Toy Fair hits again, so while you wait, check out TDmonthly Magazine’s extensive coverage of the latest toy show that, once again this year, took New York by storm.

Carving Out Simple Play (3/1/2008)
Many of the games that were popular around this time last year are still ringing up the most sales in specialty stores, 63 retailers reported to TDmonthly Magazine.

TDmonthly's March Staff Picks (3/1/2008)
You may be exhausted from all the products you encountered at Toy Fair, so TDmonthly Magazine has compiled a “short list”

In This Issue (3/1/2008)
Chances are you’re busy placing orders from Toy Fair or getting in more new products for ‘08!

Storeowners Step Out for Toy Fair (2/1/2008)
Two-thirds of the 24 specialty retailers surveyed by TDmonthly Magazine this month said they’ll be attending the American International Toy Fair in New York City next week...

TDmonthly's Top 10: Game Zone
All played out? Maybe it's time to refresh your game stock with offerings making their big debut at Toy Fair 2008.

TDmonthly's Top 10: Artsy Toys
Whether they require donning a smock and utilizing the right side of the brain or just setting on a shelf to admire, these products are sure to bring out the artsy side in people.

TDmonthly's Top 10: Specialty Source
Toy Fair's Specialty Source and new Fundamentals section went all out this year, playing up the show's green theme with battery-free toys and natural materials

Green Takes Over
The grass is greener at Toy Fair 2008, perhaps more than it's ever been. That's no surprise, though, considering eco-minded efforts for everything from clothing and food to cars and furniture.

TDmonthly Visits Toy Fair Booths
See pictures of some of the booths TDmonthly visited at Toy Fair 2008!

TDmonthly's Top 10: Hobby and R/C
High-flyin' and fast-racing toys easily grab attention at Toy Fair, as do sleek die-cast and innovative robotics.

TDmonthly's Top 10: Plush
From web-friendly pets to ailments in a petri dish, Toy Fair '08 isn't short on plush friends that are fun for both play and display. Cute and cuddly converged with crazy and ultra-artistic

ASTRA's Top-20 Toy Fair Picks
Retail members of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association know well that there's a lot to see at Toy Fair!

Top Trends of Toy Fair
Not only did the weather cooperate during Toy Fair, trading in last year's snowstorm for light rain and higher temps, but attendance was up from 2007, seeing 30 percent more buyers on day one of the show, according to the Toy Industry Association. These positives complemented the healthy vibe on the trade show floor

TDmonthly’s Top 10: Lower Level
You’ve seen games, stuffed animals, arts and crafts, hobby products and some great items for the specialty market.

TDmonthly’s Top 10: Upper Level
Every year at Toy Fair, the “big hall” in Javits Center packs in thousands upon thousands of exciting new toys — novel electronics, realistic and cuddly plush, fun family games, and playsets with every piece one could ever need.

Exhibitor Tips: How to Connect at Trade Shows (2/1/2008)
Marketing before and after a trade show is just as crucial as the exhibition itself when it comes to attracting the right booth traffic and increasing sales, Charles W. Allen, chairman and CEO of The C.W. Allen Group and co-founder of the Trade Show News Network, told TDmonthly Magazine.

Exhibition Guru Gives Tips for Toy Fair (2/1/2008)
If you’re attending Toy Fair for the first time, you may have questions about exhibitor dos and don’ts.

In the Spotlight: Toy Fair 2008 (2/1/2008)
Check out TDmonthly Magazine’s extensive coverage of the toy show that, once again this year, took New York by storm

Conversations With Keithley (1/1/2008)
Toy Fair is just around the corner, as is a new program for product testing standards and — sooner or later — legislation granting CPSC reform.

Lead Scares Trigger Testing Expansion (1/1/2008)
This year’s long list of toy recalls hasn’t just affected the bottom line for toy manufacturers, retailers and consumers. It’s also turning the tide for testing laboratories that, before now, had next-to-nothing to do with the toy industry, TDmonthly Magazine learned.

Matching Special Toys With Special Needs (1/1/2008)
In an industry focused on mass producing the next big thing, it can be challenging to provide toys for the more than 6.2 million children in the United States classified as disabled or special needs.

Toy Fair 2008 Attracts Attendees Early (12/1/2007)
Toy Fair 2008 looks great, according to Marian Bossard, vice president of meetings and events for the Toy Industry Association.

Lead Is All Around Us (12/1/2007)
It’s in our car batteries, on our bridges, lining electric cables and peeling from old walls. It used to be in canned food containers and gasoline and toy soldiers. And it’s in our children’s toys.

Lead: How Much Is Too Much? (12/1/2007)
Recalls over the last quarter have activated consumers and spurred legislative efforts demanding better systems to ensure toy safety. But groups haven’t been able to agree.

NITON Gives Lead Testing a Hand (11/1/2007)
It was after a young boy fatally swallowed a lead-tainted charm in 2006 that Thermo Fisher Scientific began screening toys for lead — expanding its specialization in analytical science to a new industry.

Fall Toy Preview Makes a Friendly Impression (11/1/2007)
For the first time, Dallas Market Center in Dallas served as a hub for the mass-market toy biz during Toy Industry Association’s Fall Toy Preview, Oct. 9-12.

Retailing Tips: Winning Windows Entice Customers (11/1/2007)
Specialty retailers and Donna Geary, founder and executive director of Impact Visual Merchandising and author of “Maximizing Store Impact: A Retailer's Guide to Profitable Visual Merchandising” shared with TDmonthly Magazine 11 tips for creating attractive — and often profitable — window displays:

Don’t Stop at Toys (11/1/2007)
Perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea of expanding your store, or offering something a little different to give it that extra edge.

This Issue's Highlights (11/1/2007)
Click on TDmonthly Magazine’s ToyTV newscast for a glimpse at this month’s features:

Carter Keithley Speaks Out on Toy Fair (11/1/2007)
At the Fall Toy Preview in Dallas last month, TIA President Carter Keithley shared with TDmonthly Magazine the top three reasons specialty retailers should attend Toy Fair in 2008.

TDmonthly Specialty Toys Report: WINNERS (10/1/2007)
It's finally time to announce the deserving recipients of TDmonthly Magazine's 2007 toy awards

Open Windows of Opportunity (10/1/2007)
It never hurts to have a savvy window display, and there’s no better time than the holiday season to attract customers from the outside in

This Issue's Highlights (10/1/2007)
Really don't have time to read? Now you don't have to! TDmonthly Magazine's ToyTV brings you a monthly newscast with quick article summaries.

Conversations With Keithley (10/1/2007)
President Carter Keithley of Toy Industry Association recently took time out from his demanding schedule to speak with TDmonthly Magazine about a topic that’s on everyone’s minds this fall — toy safety.

Toy Recalls Shake Up Shoppers (9/1/2007)
As the holiday season approaches on the heels of a slew of toy recalls, U.S. consumers have gone on the defensive, and toy manufacturers are proactively seeking to pledge product safety, sources told PlayZak.

How to Make Your Store a Destination (9/1/2007)
Becoming “the place to be” takes more than cool products and good customer service.

Music With a Message (9/1/2007)
There’s a lot more to a children's CD than just the music itself. As several musicians recently told TDmonthly Magazine, it’s also about having a story and a cause, and getting kids involved.

Education in a Flash (9/1/2007)
Sixty-six percent of the 48 specialty retailers recently surveyed by TDmonthly Magazine said they don’t carry traditional school supplies

Mattel Recalls 9.5 Million More Toys (8/1/2007)
August 14, 2007 – Washington, D.C. – In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Mattel Inc. announced today a voluntary recall of more than 9 million toys

Why b. dazzle, inc. Chose North America (8/1/2007)
Since the founding of b. dazzle, inc. in 1993, Marshall and Kathie Gavin have built their company into one defined by hard work, excellent customer service and uncompromising quality

Kitchens Heat Up Furniture Sales (8/1/2007)
Twenty-one of 62 retailers told TDmonthly Magazine they don’t sell children’s furniture or play houses due to competition from big-box stores, lack of space or little interest from customers

TDmonthly's Top-10: California Gift Show (8/1/2007)
At this year’s California Gift Show, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center July 20-23, 1,200 exhibitors showcased their gift items

This One Goes to the Dogs (8/1/2007)
Sixty-two specialty retailers recently gave TDmonthly Magazine the scoop on plush and puppets in their stores, where domesticated animals rule and where (sometimes) a plush sell is a hard sell

Is "Made In China" the Kiss of Death? (8/1/2007)
Mattel’s recall of more than 10 million toys this month has made parents and retailers rethink buying and stocking decisions, sources told TDmonthly Magazine

ASTRA Marketplace: Specialty at Its Best (7/1/2007)
With “specialty” in sharp focus, the 2007 ASTRA Academy & Marketplace, June 24 to 27 at Las Vegas’ SouthPoint Hotel & Casino, proved to be an upbeat and successful show

Classics and Mods Go Head to Head (7/1/2007)
Over the last few months, TDmonthly Magazine spoke with 34 specialty toy-store owners and managers to discover the forecast for die-cast in their stores

Nano Novelties Puff Up Sales (7/1/2007)
Sometimes a novelty item at the register is just enough to get a whiny kid out of the store

Made in the USA Toys (7/1/2007)
American toy companies can save 50 percent or more on manufacturing costs by taking production outside U.S. borders. And yet, some refuse to set sail

Toys That Feel Your Pain (7/1/2007)
Imagine a toy that you control simply by concentrating ... Or one that can read your feelings and respond: a doll that knows you’re happy and invites you to play a game, or a robot that hears your angry voice and apologizes.

What It Takes to Be "Good" (7/1/2007)
Through a recent survey of 129 specialty retailers, TDmonthly Magazine learned which vendors toy- and gift-store owners believe are the most fair and accommodating for their businesses.

Marvel-ous Heroes Conquer Toy World (6/1/2007)
Characters new and old still drum up business in some parts, and manufacturers keep tuning in to toons and film stars to determine their next licensed steps.

Stix and Bonz Make for Piece-ful Building (6/1/2007)
It’s always time to build, so specialty toy-store owners are on the lookout for new construction sets

Mixis Mix It Up (6/1/2007)
The founder and president of YNU Group lived a "Mixis" life long before she ever considered making the 12" multi-ethnic fashion dolls

Awesome Kids Adds Animation (6/1/2007)
Animation targeted to children aged 5 to 8 is gradually becoming one of Awesome Kids’ biggest successes

Made in the USA (6/1/2007)
While most companies believe the only way to stay competitive is to send their toys overseas for manufacture, some American toymakers have stayed at home

New Companies and Colors Mix It Up (5/1/2007)
Infant and toddler toys account for 15 percent or more of their total sales, said eight of nine specialty storeowners surveyed by TDmonthly Magazine.

Take-Along Toys Are Magnets for Sales (5/1/2007)
Though nine of 13 specialty retailers told TDmonthly Magazine that travel toys account for only 1 to 5 percent of their total sales, the approach of summertime is urging preparedness for this small but very seasonal category

Branding Products, One Culture at a Time (5/1/2007)
Forget customer loyalty and sales that depend solely on good product design. In an interconnected world of ever-expanding options, “tribal” tendencies are taking the mass out of culture

Caught Be-Tween Promotional Lines (5/1/2007)
Tweens are a potential nightmare for marketers. They identify with a social group, but want to be seen as individuals; desire aspirational product, but like their kid-ness; and want to be empowered, but need a safety net

What's New in Building Toys (5/1/2007)
Kids love to build, as sellers of LEGO and K’NEX can attest

Sudoku Takes a Slide (4/1/2007)
As the industry welcomes the addition of several new puzzles, just as many pieces — including some that bear the name Sudoku — are becoming misfits in the specialty market

Retailing Tips: When One Store Isn't Enough (4/1/2007)
How do you know when it’s time to open another location? And what do you do when it is time?

Games Expo 2007 Made Its Mark (4/1/2007)
A sparsely populated trade floor at the Games Expo’s debut, March 18 to 22 at Las Vegas' South Point Hotel, indicated it may take time for the show to gain momentum

Is Pomona Plummeting? (4/1/2007)
Despite its designation as the country's largest regional toy and hobby show, the WTHRA show in Pomona, Calif., in March didn't have many exhibitors talking "big" this year

TDmonthly's Top-10 Pomona Picks (4/1/2007)
From an a-maze-ing marble-run construction kit to a whack-y ball that exercises the mind, the WTHRA show took buyers and reps into a creative realm of fun and interactivity

How to Publish a Card Game (4/1/2007)
You may have had a great idea for a card game, secured investment and funding, and even completed the design. But until the cards have been printed and cut, your game isn't fit for the table.

Holiday Preview (4/1/2007)
Now that Toy Fair is over, all those new toys seem just so … old. So what’s next?

Convergence and Culture (4/1/2007)
Ever wonder how changing media patterns and cultural experience could affect your business?

Tweens: Living a Virtual Life (4/1/2007)
Going virtual with a marketing campaign makes sense (and cents) for companies today, according to COO Jay Goss of tween/teen virtual world Whyville

Kapla: A Childhood Dream Fulfilled (3/1/2007)
In the 1980s, 25-year-old art historian Tom van der Bruggen left his home country of Holland and the antique shop he owned, and relocated to southern France to pursue his childhood dream of building a castle.

A Fresh Cut of the Tree (3/1/2007)
Wooden toys are traditionally known — and trusted — for their quality

New Games Have Global Effects (3/1/2007)
An alternate reality game has attracted tens of thousands of players worldwide in the search for a hidden cube ... and a $200,000 reward

Traditional Blocks and Trains Keep Selling (3/1/2007)
Fifty-one retailers nationwide said specialty toy stores are keeping up with the grand tradition of wooden toys, selling blocks, trains, puzzles and games from companies HABA, Learning Curve and others

Retailing Tips: Pricing for Profit (3/1/2007)
In a Toy Fair Session sponsored by the Toy Industry Association, Nick Morolda ... offered nine tips on how to build and support a successful toy store

Retailing Tips: Making the Most of Trade Shows (3/1/2007)
Fifteen minutes before the show floor opens at the American International Toy Fair, Manager Matt Hannifin of Science Toy Magic in Santa Fe, N.M., waits in the Javits Center, adequately hydrated and armed with a black suitcase on wheels, a laminated, Sharpie-marked map of the exhibition halls secured to the handle

Specialty Stores Share Toy Fair Favs (3/1/2007)
TDmonthly Magazine spoke with specialty retailers during and after Toy Fair TDmonthly Magazine spoke with specialty retailers during and after Toy Fair to find out which toys they liked the most.

TIA Snubs New York and Heads West (3/1/2007)
New York is out and Texas is in. After months of controversy, the Toy Industry Association announced after a meeting of its Executive Committee on Tuesday that this year’s Fall Toy Show will be in Dallas, October 8 to 11.

Play It Quickly (3/1/2007)
Games designed for families and other groups are the most popular

This Issue's Highlights: Revisit Toy Fair (3/1/2007)
Toy Fair's over ... so now what?

Top Trends of Toy Fair (2/1/2007)
The American International Toy Fair in New York City brought together hundreds of the industry's biggest and smallest players

Dolls: Move Over PlayStation! (2/1/2007)
Being a doll just isn't enough anymore.

Games: Throw Out the Tokens (2/1/2007)
In 2007, are game pieces passé?

Books: Supplementing Reading (2/1/2007)
Bedtime reading is almost inevitable with Senario’s big plush Storybook Pillow that features favorite licensed characters in its soft fabric pages

Gifts & Novelties: Pillows Beat to a New Rhythm (2/1/2007)
Banana Design Lab's heart-shaped plush pillow gradually syncs to the rhythm of its owner’s heart,

Science & Education: Toy Boots Pluto (2/1/2007)
Great Explorations’ glow-in-the-dark 3-D Solar System stays up-to-date by banning Pluto

Little Ones: Strike Up the Digital Band (2/1/2007)
Fisher Price's summer 2006 launch of an MP3 player for ages 3 and up was a remarkable innovation in the movement for "kidult" electronics

Sporting Goods: Toys Talk Back (2/1/2007)
These days, even flying discs need to be high-tech to lure in kids

Innovation Carries Over: Beware the Biker Tot (2/1/2007)
Three-year-olds can now flaunt tattoos and then ride off on their motorcycle-sleek wooden "Moto Kid"

Construction Toys: Building With H2O (2/1/2007)
The Aquastruct Toy System takes construction to an unfamiliar place — the shower — employing pipes, hoses, sprayers and more so that tweens can enjoy the laborious task of getting clean.

Arts & Crafts: Peelable Wall Art (2/1/2007)
In late 2007, kids will be able to steer their crayons across a page, using the remote control that powers the Color Bug from RC Art

Costumes: All Aboard! (2/1/2007)
Come summer, Rubie’s Costume Company will keep Noah’s Ark babes afloat in themed costumes that portray cute and cuddly with flannel and chenille

This Issue's Highlights (2/1/2007)
This month in TDmonthly Magazine, innovation is the keyword.

On-the-Floor Toy Fair Coverage (2/1/2007)
To help specialty retailers get the most out of Toy Fair, TDmonthly Magazine provided daily tradeshow updates

Arts and Crafts Push the Envelope — Remotely (2/1/2007)
Drawing, painting, and beading are standards of the arts and crafts industry, but companies are finding unique ways to revolutionize these activities and the quality and preparation that goes into them.

A No. 5, With Plush on the Side (2/1/2007)
Though some manufacturers of educational products are sticking with simplicity, others indicate that combos and extras are what people want

Bubble Gum Turns Kids to Chemists (2/1/2007)
Science products from Scientific Explorer, Tedco and others rank as educational best sellers, six of 18 retailers told TDmonthly

Simple Toys Teach Best (2/1/2007)
Two-thirds of the retailers TDmonthly surveyed indicated that educational purchases begin with ages 4 and younger

New Videos Captivate and Educate (1/1/2007)
Who knew that a little girl's bunny would become the inspiration for a cuddly canine? Such was the case with Jack the Cuddly Dog

Make Halloween Hip (1/1/2007)
While children are searching for witches and ghosts in the uniquely interactive Spooky Night book from InnovativeKids, Positive Spin Press has given a new face to the eerie holiday:

New and Small Imprints Get the Word Out (1/1/2007)
More than a few newer or smaller book publishers are going the extra mile to make sure readers — and specialty retailers — get the best of their business

Kids Love Candy and Chemistry (1/1/2007)
Kids don't have to be chemistry whizzes or little Einsteins to benefit from today’s science kits.

Kidults Grow Younger (12/1/2006)
Mimoco founder and CEO Evan Blaustein didn’t anticipate that mimobots would appeal to 5-year-olds.

Electronics of Choice Create and Educate (12/1/2006)
Science kits, models and educational items take precedence in the electronics category, specialty toy retailers told TDmonthly Magazine.

Building Holiday Spirit (12/1/2006)
Myriad construction toys are building up the market this holiday season.

Lots and Lots for Babies and Tots (12/1/2006)
Toys and other items for infants and toddlers cover an astonishingly large spectrum — from teethers and plush to ride-ons and puzzles.

Fashion Dolls Still Move and Groove (12/1/2006)
Manhattan Toys' Groovy Girls received the "grooviest" rating in the specialty market by far, mentioned as a projected best holiday seller by 24 out of 51 toy retailers

Penguins and Pirates and Peter, Oh My! (12/1/2006)
Reading before bedtime should be a real adventure this Holiday season

Cute, Cuddly and ... Considerable (12/1/2006)
Amidst Ganz's Webkinz and all the penguins ambling around toy stores, hip little girls can still combine fashion with cuddles.

Holiday Sales Mounting With Horses and More (12/1/2006)
This year, Papo Knights from Hotaling Imports are facing off

What Makes an Award-Winning Toy (12/1/2006)
TDmonthly Magazine is happy to congratulate the dozens of honorees whose names appear on lists for this year’s toy awards.

This Issue's Highlights (12/1/2006)
Overloaded this holiday season? We've summarized some of our top stories to help you make the most of your time at TDmonthly Magazine.

Reasons to Keep on Celebrating (12/1/2006)
As our 10th anniversary celebration officially winds down, we look back over the years with a sense of satisfaction

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